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Sex Addiction Guide

Similar to other addictions in life that crop up as sense of compensation for something that may be lacking, sex addiction is a reaction to things that may be missing from an individual’s life. Sex can often be the substitute when people feel lonely, unloved or unaccepted by others and the situation gets compounded and turns into sex addiction when such people regularly seek sex to escape the feelings of rejection and loneliness.


Sex addiction can differ in severity and scale among people. While some sex addicts may never go beyond the extensive use of pornography, phone sex and compulsive masturbation, others may get involved in activities such as prostitution or even molestation and rape. An addiction to sex is one of the primary reasons why people cheat on each other despite being in loving relationships for many years and is the root cause of infidelity. Recovering from sexual addiction can take time but it is possible through an enhancement of self-esteem and addressing the underlying emotional problems. Even though an addiction to sex is not physically as harmful as substance addiction, it is necessary to reach out to support groups and other professionals who have experience in this field.

How to characterize sexual addicts

It has usually been perceived that sexual addicts try to hide their behavior from people outside; however though they try hard, they usually show some sure symptoms. People who work with these kinds of people, like sex workers and NGOs, ...

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The mystery of sex – facts about sexual intercourse

In many countries, some new brides place little luggage containing chicken’s blood into the duct before intercourse to prove the hymen was intact before wedding. In different countries, ladies have placed solid sheep’s blood in their vaginas for an equivalent ...

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Sex Addiction: How to find good counselor

Are you afraid that you have been terribly addicted to sex recently? Sex is considered a taboo in many countries even today, and people find it difficult to talk about the same openly. Though numbers of schools are nowadays providing ...

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Sex addiction – An intimacy disorder

Sex addiction has often been termed as an intimacy disorder. It’s primarily so because sexually addicted people cannot mix with people in the society as well as relatives in a close and comfortable manner as desired. Intimacy is an integral ...

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Is sex addiction immoral?

Many people in our societies think that sex addiction is something immoral. However, this issue can be clarified once they understand the real reasons behind sex addiction. Sex is actually a very powerful experience for human beings that can go ...

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