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Sensual spanking: Spanking your SO into frenzy

Spanking a little in the bottom of your partner is a good way to set things in tune for a wonderful action ahead. Some playful spanking in the bedroom can be an excellent thing to turn on the partner, but spanking haywire can send anyone into annoyance. If you are into spanking fun, and your partner approves, then knowing how to spank very sensually and seductively should be your foremost priority. Sensual spanking is not a big art, but there is a lot that you need to know before you get down to beating the hind-side of you partner for ecstasy.

Getting to grips with sensual spanking

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Allison England,secret salon classes teacher at Coco De Mer, says been showing people how to get to grips with the amazing art of sensual spanking. According to England, the ass, all the way from the anus to the immediate surrounding area around the groin has endless nerve endings, which wait there to be teased and simulated, which can be titillated. England adds, there are many items used for spanking, most of these are slightly scary and putting off to most; it’s important to use hands alone to arouse that ultimate feeling in the partner.

For anyone who wants to master the art of sensual spanking, here are some tips and ideas.

Start things nice and easy

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A whip in the ass from out of the blue is not going to gear up most people to have an erotic experience. It is therefore necessary to start nice and easy by some rubbing and feeling. This will warm up you and the partner and the nice and easy moves on the bum will make the partner go crazy in anticipation of what’s coming.

You can begin with few gentle swats with the palm of the hand, increasing intensity gradually to until the rear of the partner is nice and rosy pink. This color is an indication that the ass is nice and ready for some intensity. To make things more exotic and enticing, make gentle caresses and rubs where you spank, this can intensify the feeling.

Live A Great Life

Sexual ecstasy is incomplete without communication


Spanking is indeed arousing and fun, but it’s important that you don’t flow in the moment and go too much overboard. As mentioned, sexual ecstasy is incomplete without communication, it’s important thus to talk about sex and feeling in bed.

Communicating with the partner can make a lot of difference.It’s vital to understand how your partner is feeling; it’s advisable to ask them hope they are doing alright, are they enjoying or do you need to go harder or softer with the bum beating.

If you’re being spanked, love it!

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According to England, if you are the one being spanked and wish to feel out of this world in process, try crotchlessknickers. It allows the partners hand to feel the nerve ending better, and you can be aroused to an extreme level – a point of no return.

Target the sweet spot for ultimate fun

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England informs, the lower area of the ass is called the sweet spot. Concentrating your spanking regime in the sweet spot, means there is a high chance of orgasm. The idea of sensual spanking is to derive utmost pleasure. And going for the sweet spot is the best way to make your partner go wild.

Since, both the person involved – the spanker and the one being spanked must enjoy, it’s advisable to know how hard or soft you need to be in the process. To know the intensity, the spanker can begin with a little go on himself to get a feel and set things on the roll.

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