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Revitalize your sex life and forge a deeper bond with these activities

Even the best of relationships need some pampering and hard work to stay strong. Couples can grow apart from each other due to stress, work, and lack of time or boredom. Individuals stop seeing each other after a couple of weeks just because they did not explore the relationship in the right way.

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Don’t let any of this happen to you. If you are in a sexual relationship and want to take things to the next level then intensifying your bond is highly important. For long time couples it is necessary to rekindle the fire of passion. But how can you make your partner agree to this? You have to try some tried and proven techniques so that your partner loves spending time with you on and off the bed.

Be their genie


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Play a game of wish fulfillment with your partner. Playfully suggest him to voice his three wishes and assure him that those will be fulfilled by you. He will also have to fulfill your three wishes in return.

The wishes can turn from cooking spaghetti with meatballs for dinner to a sexy neck massage or a special oral session of exotic sex. Let your partner express themselves freely and ask for whatever they really need from you. Such a game will make sex even more joyous and pleasurable.

Start being more thoughtful

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While for newly dating couple it is advisable not to be too accommodating and becoming a doormat, for the couple living together it is necessary to share the burden of chores. If you are just dating a guy you like still you can do something thoughtful for him. Cooking him dinner or gifting him a new tie for a boardroom meeting would be nice. Do something that’s heartfelt and thoughtful.

Live A Great Life

For your long term partner you can book the tickets of his favorite concert, drop in his office on a busy day with his favorite lunch because he would not go out to eat or pour him a drink after a hard, long day. It is about companionship and telling someone that you care.

Be yourself and don’t mind being quirky

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When a guy really falls in love with a woman he does not miss her curves as much as her sudden outburst of a giggle, or her karaoke in the car. Be your quirky self around him. Even if you are in awe of the man, don’t let it show.

Question his authority, crack a joke, break into a jig and go clubbing. Do whatever you fancy so he can get a good glimpse at who you truly are and if he is to fall in love he definitely will. Never pretend to be what you consider is the perfect woman for him.

Create the right ambience

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There is nothing wrong in creating the right ambience for sex at least a few times a week. Your man will love you for it. Change the bed sheet and bed cover. Spread some rose petals on top. Light some scented candles and get ready. Wear sexy lingerie for change or offer a strip tease for your partner. The idea is to stir things up and not letting boredom set on your relationship.

Synchronize your breathing

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Right before starting the love making session, look into your lover’s eyes. Take a little time to synchronize your breathing with him so you two inhale and exhale together. This will help you sense, feel and enjoy sex more in unison.

Every relationship requires effort to keep the romance alive. In new relationships you have to help your partner open up to you and enjoy new experiences. In a longstanding relationship the focus should be on rekindling romance and keeping your partner on his toes.

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