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How are the reviews on generic yaz?

Hi! I am 26 years old and mother of a child. Now I have decided to delay my second child. Actually it's a combined decision of me and my hubby. I am thinking of adopting a safe and secure birth control measure and one of my friends is suggesting me to use

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Teenage sexual myths

Both the teenage and sex are inter-related. So there are many teenage sexual myths. At the onset of teenage everybody experiences a number of myths. In fact, these are acknowledged as the teenage sexual myths.There are many teenagers who are shocked when

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Yaz Reviews Positive?

Hi there! I am 27 years old and I have one baby. I live with my family. Both me and my husband have decided to adopt a contraceptive measure which would keep difference in our second child. I am thinking of using yazmin as birth control pill. I want to

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How To Insert Nuvaring?

My wife is 26 years of age. We are having one child and we have decided to keep a difference in our second child. I have searched a lot and come to one solution which is nuvaring for birth control. I have seen its reviews which are quite positive about

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Side Effects Of Nuvaring?

Hello to all! I am 27 years of age and I wanted to adopt a birth control measure. My friend suggested to have nuvaring implanted. She is saying that its a very effective method for birth control. How it is different from birth control pills? I have not

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Errin birth control reviews positive?

I am 27 years old. I want to dely my second child due to my husband's financial crunch these days. I want to adopt a safe and effective birth control pill that will satisfy my needs. My friend is suggesting me to try errin birth control pill. I want to

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Mononessa available Over the Counter?

I am 24 years old and married. Both me and my husband have decided not to have our baby for one year. One of my friends suggested me to use a contraceptive pill called mononessa. I was taking tri-sprintec previously but it had some real bad side-effect

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Jolessa reviews positive?

My husband and I have decided to adopt birth control measure till he gets a salary hike.We are not in great financial condition and cant afford our baby's expenses right now.My doctor has prescribed me jolessa birth control pills.If have found out that

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