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Pleasurable Positions for Painless Anal Sex

For some it is a taboo but most of us have fantasies about anal sex. Like the ones shown in porn movies. But it is one thing watching anal sex performed by professional and completely other implementing in real life. Anal sex has become more common than it ever was and at some point in time everyone has given a though on trying it out with a partner. As gross as it may sound, anal sex can be pleasurable and healthy if done in the right way. Here are some positions that beginners can try if they are ready for anal sex.


Man and woman having sex

The position where woman is on top is preferred for creating intimacy while you are getting penetrated from the rear. Moreover, it eases you into the climax and also makes sure you enjoy kissing and foreplay to the most. For beginners it is like Holy Grail as you can control the amount of penetration you can be comfortable with. The best strategy in this position is to go slow and enjoy the moment until orgasm hits you.


Young passionate couple

This is another position advised for newbies as it lets you create intimacy with the partner and also stimulate your clitoris while doing so. For your partner too it is comfortable position as they penetrate from the rear. They can embrace your body parts while doing so as both of you lie in a relaxed position.


intimate young couple during

Perfect for lovers, face-to-face position allows for extra intimacy. Your partner sits on your lap while you are also in a sitting position and both of you make ample face contact to increase the pleasure three-folds. As a woman you can control the amount of penetration during the act and also feel comfortable while doing first time anal sex.

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On the stomach

On the stomach

This position is for partners who want to just get into the act of anal sex and also make it less painful. The woman lies on her stomach as the man penetrates her by lying on top. For this act you need to be well aroused and plenty of lube is advised as penetration might be not that easy. For the woman it is a good opportunity to stimulate her vagina and breasts as she is lying down.

Doggy style

anal sex


As a newbie you might want to go straight for the doggy style anal sex. But be advised this one has maximum penetration and can be painful if you are not ready. For newbies it is advised to keep a lot of lube handy while trying this position. If you are confident enough and looking forward to a good session of anal sex, doggy style is the best.

Missionary with a twist

Sexy young couple

You can also give this position a try as it can be really pleasurable. As a first timer to anal sex you can go for this position where the women puts her legs on top of the man’s shoulder and he then thrusts his penis into the anal cavity. Make sure that the penetration is slow and it eases you into continuous motion for maximum pleasure.


For couples ready to try anal sex, position is very important as some of them are less painful than others. Don’t rush into anything and try them out before you figure out the best ones for yourself. A good advice is to wear protection during anal sex or clean yourself up after having it as there is chance of infection spreading if you don’t.

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