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All you need to know about Inpatient Sex Addiction Rehab Center

If you are obsessive about sex, watching pornography compulsively, are a prostitute by choice and not compulsion, have urge to perform sex over and over again, have many one night stands or flings, are obsessively having or thinking about sex with someone, you may be in need for sexual addiction rehabilitation. Sex-addicted persons with serious or long-term compulsive behavior often receive the fullest benefit from inpatient treatment.

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Where proper, residential sex addiction rehabilitation centers offer you the highest level of care and medical attention, outpatient clinics are where the patient attends sessions during the day and then returns home for work or leisure in the evening. People who have successfully completed their inpatient programs are generally allowed to continue outpatient services as follow-up treatment.

Sex addiction rehabilitation facility is an excellent option for those who have been unable to stop the regressive and damaging behavior of their own. A sex addiction rehabilitation and treatment center provides a supportive ambience where the addicted person may regain health without any distractions or temptations. Rehabilitation is a private matter. Confidentiality is the greatest priority to staff at private sex addiction rehabilitation organizations. Each person is treated with respect, and unless required by law, records are kept private and confidential. Many rehabilitation centers allow patients to have a cabin to them.


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In some cases, the doctors recommend this. A trained doctor specialist explains the options, and helps the recovering person make choices best for them. The duration of the treatment is dependent on many factors such as severity of addiction, needs of the patient, the recommendations of doctors and consultants, length of addiction and the patient’s progress.

Recovery from sex addiction varies from patient to patient. Some sex addicts may have to stay in the residential sex addiction rehabilitation centers for one-month, which may not be sufficient for those who have the problem at a greater degree, and a two month may be a better option. Those with the most serious sexual addiction will get a wholesome treatment if they stay in a rehabilitation center for three months and follow the program devotedly; while some patients may have to stay even longer.

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The price of treatment varies as most sex addiction rehabilitation centers give financing schemes to patients and addiction programs are generally covered by medical insurance to a certain extent.

Many people with this disorder have twisted thinking and deny even having problems. At a sex addiction rehab center, the doctors and nurses will go on to find the root cause of sex addiction. In some cases, medication is given to check the obsessive aspect of patient’s actions. Programs conducted to treat sex addiction use methods, such as counseling individually, 12-step methods, group remedy, family psychoanalysis and tutoring to treat the patient. The first step in is getting over denial. Once a patient is able to admit the issue, he or she is ready for rehabilitation.

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