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Necessary hygiene tips for oral sex newbies

Cleanliness is next to godliness and hygiene makes sexual intimacy pleasanter. If you want to enjoy sex with your partner and encourage them to go down on you, then you will have to maintain cleanliness. Lack of hygiene can make your partner irritated with you and they may refuse to offer oral stimulation.

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Oral stimulation can be gratifying but lack of hygiene will lead to the spread of infections. Understanding the risks involved with unhygienic intercourse and oral sex will help you become more conscious. Maintaining hygiene is not difficult if you set some ground rules and follow them. In the following, you will find tips on maintaining hygiene down under.

Basic hygiene care

 smell of  sweat

Sweating is a physical phenomenon that helps in maintaining our body’s heat and temperature balance. Just like your underarms, the genitals also sweat profusely and the smell of this sweat can be very nasty. Women and men who do not wax or shave the pubic hair are more prone to sweating. Not cleaning the genitals properly can be very unhygienic.

The musty smell will distract and appall your partner. Use water to wash the genitals everyday at least twice. Genital secretions and white secretions are common in women. Men too secrete pre-cum even when they do not have sex. These secretions can make your genitals look and smell bad. Use your fingers for rubbing the creases of your genitalia and cleaning it thoroughly. Take a shower just before going to bed to smell good and feel fresh.

Keep away the perfumes

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The genital area is sensitive and can get burnt if it comes in close contact with harsh chemicals. Do not use perfumes, body spray, or any other kind of strongly perfumed substance in your genitals. It may cause an outbreak of rashes, redness and infection. Perfumes can also ruin the pH balance of your vagina leading to more sexual problems. The natural clean and fresh smell of your sex organ is enough to attract your partner. Believe in the power of natural pheromones.

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Scented condoms

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Oral sex is not totally safe as it can also spread STDs. Some women indulge in oral sex thinking that it will keep them safe from sexually transmitted diseases. The truth is very different. Some of the sexually transmitted diseases that you may pick up during oral sex are gonorrhea, syphilis and Chlamydia.

If you and your partner are into oral anus sex then be careful about Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and worms. Ask your partner to wear flavored condoms during oral sex. For making oral sex more fulfilling and safer condom manufacturers have started marketing flavored condoms in many varieties. From mint to chocolate flavored condoms, you will get all in a supermarket.

Do not force or be forced

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Sex is about receiving and giving pleasure. You should not force your partner to give you a blowjob if they are uncomfortable doing it. Likewise, they also should not force you to go down on them. Indulge in oral sex if both of you feel comfortable and happy doing it.

Some extra tips

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Women should wash their anus along with their vagina or else there will remain a chance of bacteria spreading from the anus to the vagina and vice versa. Men who have not been circumcised need to be more careful while cleaning their penis. They have to gently raise the foreskin and clean the area underneath. Body fluids are trapped inside the foreskin and make your penis stink unpleasantly. The first two days of menstruation is a time when the odor is strong. You should also consider trimming, epilating or waxing the pubic hair.

Oral sex is extremely pleasurable but only if you and your partner maintain hygiene. Rinse and clean the genitals regularly and use proper protection for reducing risk of STDs.

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