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Myths that can ruin your sex life and bring more trouble

There is no dearth of people who would like to advice you on sex and sexual hygiene but whose advice you take seriously is a different matter. Stop believing every single thing you are told about sex.

If something sounds odd then it probably is. Sex is not very complicated yet even the pros often suffer from some serious delusions. The sexual myths can change your equation with your sexual partner and hinder your sexual enjoyment. Here are some of the worst sex myths that you need to unfollow right away.

One has to take bath before and after sex

 taking bath

Truth cannot be further from this statement. It is definitely not mandatory to take bath before and after sex. Teenagers may associate having bath after sex and cleaning or douching the vagina with a mode of protection from venereal diseases and pregnancy.

Well, taking bath or washing the vagina after sex does not remove the chances of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Yes if you are in the habit of having sex and one night stands with strangers then it may make you feel clean to have bath after sex. Bathing before sex will make you feel fresh but it is not always necessary.

Oral and anal sex is much safer than vaginal sex

Rear view of woman performing oral sex with man isolated over black background

So, you have been warned not to have sex with strangers as it can lead to you falling really sick with STDs and now you prefer to go oral instead? Well, oral sex is not safe at all. Just like vaginal sex almost all STDs can be transmitted through oral or anal sex from one person to another.

The diseases that you can contract through oral and anal sex include gonorrhea, genital warts, syphilis, hepatitis B and HIV. Some of these are killer diseases and hardly get cured.

Bigger penis means more satisfaction

Happiness and boldness couple showing off sex length

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Men who are worried about their penis size must know that it has nothing to do with the sexual satisfaction of women. The G-spot of women which helps women in reaching their climax is located only 2 inches inside the vagina. A smaller penis’s head can easily stimulate this region during intercourse leading to a fantastic sexual climax. The size of the penis is related to male ego than female sexual satisfaction.

The pull-out method is not full proof

Disappointment girl lies on a bed with young guy

May be your partner convinced you that pulling out right before ejaculation will safeguard you against venereal diseases and pregnancy but it is not true. Pulling out is not a full proof plan against pregnancy or STDs.

The pre-cum can also spread venereal diseases and you may get pregnant during a long sexual session as ejaculating fully outside is not always possible. The best option that sexually active individuals have is using condoms to prevent STDs and pregnancy at the same go.

First time sex is painful for women

 First time sex

There are several myths based on first time sex and one of it is that first time sex hurts. Inexperienced men can hurt their female partner by wrongly penetrating or thrusting her. The vaginal opening can be too small and cause some pain during first time sex but in most cases the pain is not more than usual sex.

Women also do not always bleed during first time sex. The experiences vary from one individual to another. However, the use of condoms is always advisable. Some people also believe that they will know if they contract STDs which is another misconception. If you are sexually active it is always better to get yourself tested at a reliable clinic.

There are plenty of sexual myths and most of them are nothing but misconceptions and lies. Always use protection to stay safe and lead a sexually satisfactory life.

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