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Making scheduled sex work for you and your spouse

Many shrink their noses at the idea of scheduled sex, but for busy urban couples who hardly spend six to seven hours together a week, it is the only way of having some action in the sack. Scheduled sex is thought of as something monotonous and forced. However, if you hardly get to spend any time with your spouse then meting them should get you going in a jiffy. Sometimes the couples who schedule sex get into a trivial argument and fall asleep without sex.

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Such occurrences lead to sexual frustration and mood swings. Lack of sex can affect your marriage as well as your work life. Always remember that scheduled sex is better than no sex. Scheduled sex too can be spicy, gratifying and stimulating if you know how to make it work. Here in the following you will find all the information that you need for making scheduled sex work.

Why do you need to schedule sex?

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In long term relationships, especially in a legally committed one like marriage, sex becomes scarce as time flies. In the beginning when things seem new and both partners are on a spree of exploration then sex is more spontaneous.

Couples stay awake all night to relish sex. However, when the relationship takes a more serious turn then both enter a comfort zone where each needs rest and relaxation after a long and tiring day at work. Many couples work in different working hours. In some cases when the husband returns from job, it is the time for the wife to go out for hers.

They hardly get any time to meet, sit and chat leave alone have sex. Scheduling sex keeps the spark in marriages alive. It creates a ground of compromise where both partner expects, anticipates and puts some effort to make the plans work.

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One big benefit of scheduling sex is that you cannot take it for granted. Some couples look at sex as an enthralling escapade and some even go as far as booking a suite a week or once a month for enjoying a stimulating romp. Scheduling sex gives something to look forward to and creates hope in the frustrated hearts of the spouses. Lack of sex can ruin a relationship. It is better to book an hour in advance than lose out to time.

Scheduled sex is not forced

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Let’s be honest. How does not having sex for 5 days on a row make you feel? Frustrated, angry, sad, on the verge of losing your mind? If you schedule sex then you can digest all the frustration because you have something sexy to look forward. Yes, of course you will not always be completely in the mood and the circumstances may lead to a major change in the plan but still if you try then sex by schedule will be fun.

Introduce the element of adventure in your weekly romp and voila it will become incredibly spicier. For example, choose an uncommon place for having sex like your backyard at midnight or the orchard or even the garage. Open a bottle of champagne and wear something sexy to get your partner in the mood.

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Sex is a very effective stress buster so it will help you relax and get back to work with more enthusiasm. When you have been anticipating something intimate for days it is bound to be sexy. Do not push yourself but just go with the flow. Hold your partner and talk for some minutes, synchronize your breathings and begin slowly if necessary for the sex to be more delightful.

Scheduled sex is the only way hundreds of busy urban couples can enjoy any sexual action at all. Scheduling sex need not rob spontaneity. You will have to put some efforts to make it work. Add some surprising elements for getting your partner in the mood.

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