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Interesting sex tips for multitaskers

It simple and confirmed; for sex to look, feel and be intimate, couples need to be focused on each other. Things such as phones, books and even television should be a big no while sex, simply because if intimacy is one-sided, it becomes a duty and not a matter of enjoyment. Focus on each other – is the most convenient rule of sex.

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Over years many rules have been bent, and the golden rule of sex has given way to a new form – the art of multitasking sex. If you’re someone who does so many sort of things while making out, or your partner’s a multitasker; here are a few tips that could help you have better time in intimacy.

Sex positions for multitaskers

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Frankly speaking you can be doing different things out of the intercourse in just about any position; but there are some positions that are more convenient and these include:

  • Missionary

The mother of all sexual positions, Missionary is the most comfortable for you to do all sorts of things. You can catch hold of you phone or have a book in the hand while you are entering her or allowing him to enter into you, while you lie down in the most comfortable posture.

  • Side-by-side

Lying down side-by-side in spooning position allows you to have a very cozy sex position and also a fitting way to indulge in other activities such as watch TV.

  • Sitting

Sitting up with the partner in the lap leaves your hands free to have a sip of wine or maybe a good sight at the TV. Idea is to have a comfortable sitting position and placing yourself comfortably in a direction so that you can have a good sight of the television.

  • 69

Going down on each other doesn’t just keep the both of you busy in an oral act, it also gives you space of your own. You can take this time to type on the phone or reading through your favorite book while you are pleasuring him and he’s pleasuring you.

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Sex Tips for Multitaskers

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Some of the ways you can multitask include:

  • Sex while conditioning and treating your hair in shower

Having sex in the shower while conditioning or shampooing the hair can work its magic into anyone. Start with a soapy massage and playing with each other by directing the shower nozzle toward each other private areas to create an arousing and tingly sensation. For the kill, get your partner to stand facing the wall, while you enter from the rear – the finish will have glow on your hair and face. Wink!

  • Flooring him midway a meal

Suppose you’re cooking a pasta meal and have the timer set for a few minutes, why not kill time by flooring him and then riding him like one crazy cowgirl. Or just pull your trousers down and climb onto the countertop with legs split apart, allowing him to enter into you or simply licking your to glory so he’s hungry no more.

Activities to Multitask While Having Sex

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  • Watch TV

There’s nothing easier than this. But frankly speaking avoid comedy. Laughing at something else while having sex can be lethal. Try something that keeps you pepped up for the moment.

  • Shooting a few work emails

Rise up to send some emails on your laptop or computer, while allowing him to fiddle around most tantalizingly below your belt. Just be sure of the matter before shooting the email.

After all the tips, there’s one common suggestion; before indulging in multitasking while sex have a conversation about it with your partner beforehand. If it’s not mutual, multitasking can be putting off and really upsetting to the partner.

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