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Incredible oral sex tips for an unforgettable time in the bedroom

Oral sex, called fellatio in Latin, is a way of stimulating the penis of your man with your lips, tongue and mouth. Most men enjoy or want to enjoy fellatio from their partners because it offers intense pleasure and leads to mind blowing orgasms. You can surprise your man during intimacy, every time, with new oral sex techniques. In the following some of the most admired oral sex tips have been discussed in details for your benefit.

The basic rules of a great oral sex session

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A full course oral sex, which is also popularly known as a blow job, is quite similar to vaginal intercourse. In oral sex the vagina is replaced by mouth. You have to take the entire penis into your mouth and control the gagging reflex. A little practice can definitely help you with this. Being comfortable and confident are very important because if your man feels that you are not enjoying the act then they may not enjoy it either. Gently stroke his testicles and play with his penis by licking, sucking and even planting a few on the head and around. He must feel your passion to feel totally thrilled and desired.

Find his sensitive zones

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The penis is his most sensitive organ but it has got some parts which are more sensitive than the rest. The head of the penis is the treasure spot you should stroke with your thumb and use the tip of your tongue to tickle. Men also enjoy it when their partner gives attention to the shaft by sucking it and kissing it individually. The testicles are sensitive too but they need gentle persuasion. Make sure not to hurt them and only use lips and tongue on them. You can blow hot breath on the testicles and take them one by one in your mouth to stimulate him further.

Another treasure spot is the perineum, located between his anus and testicles. Tickle it with your tongue and rub it while giving him a head job to make him moan. Also explore the spot between his shaft and testicles as it is also quite sensitive. Keep experimenting with techniques so that you hit the right spots.

Be practical

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If he has a record for lasting a long time, you should keep a lube handy. You may run out of saliva and feel like a dry well without some external help during a long session. Almond oil is also known to be a good aid for oral sex as it tastes and smells good. While you take a break from sucking his penis, use your hands for stroking his shaft.

Live A Great Life

Try different poses

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Variety is always welcome in the bedroom. Of course you may also choose to give him a blow job in the living room or in his car. Here is some unconventional yet highly erotic oral sex positions explained.

Basic blow job poses

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Make him stand upright while you kneel right in front of him to pleasure him orally. You can hold his legs and hips for support. Another simple blow job position is getting him relax on the couch while you get down on your knees to take the penis in your mouth. Sitting on the edge of the bed will also offer the similar sensations.

Cinema Blow Job position

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Cinema Blow Job position has received its name from the sly way in which couples pleasure each other orally in the cinema hall. You can also do it at home. Sit side by side on the couch and bend the upper half of your body sideways to reach his penis and giving him superb oral stimulation.

Face Plow

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As the name suggests, in this oral sex position your man will be on top of you and straddle your mouth or rather plow it with his penis. Lie down and put some pillows under your neck. The knees of your man will be just below your armpits so both have good grip. Try this only when you master the basic blow job techniques as it can be a bit difficult.

Oral sex is an integral part of your sex life because your man enjoys it a lot. By varying techniques and positions you can make sexual sessions far more satisfactory. Oral sex is pleasurable for both the man and woman.

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