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Improving your prostate health with pelvic muscles

Strengthening the pelvic muscles via muscle exercises can help men improve their overall prostrate health. Strengthening the pelvic muscles will allow for increased blood flow to the pelvic region, thus improving prostate health considerably. However, attaining overall prostate health must not be confused with prostate cancer, infections or enlargement as these exercises cannot stop these conditions.

Improving Prostate Health: Why is it necessary for men?

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A lot of men tend to suffer from issues like erectile dysfunction and incontinence after undergoing prostate surgery. Studies have revealed the improving prostate health by strengthening the pelvic floor will help men control these effects post-surgery. Continuing to strengthen the pelvic floor with time can also help reverse many of the damaging side effects of prostate surgery and even radical prostatectomy.

It has been found out that pelvic floor exercises that boost prostate health, also held deal with conditions like prostate enlargement in the long run. The right blend of pelvic floor exercises incorporating core, resistance and flexibility training routines, and a healthy lifestyle will thus ensure that men remain free of these and many other prostate related problems as they age.

Pelvic Floor Exercises for Men: Kegel Exercises

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A lot of men have the general misconception that Kegel exercises are only for women, and are practiced by women after childbirth. In reality, Kegel exercises are beneficial for men as well. They help to strengthen the pelvic muscles effectively.

In doing so, they tend to take care of a number of problems like bladder incontinence, bowel disorders and even sexual dysfunction. Doing these Kegel exercises every day can also have a profound impact on prostate health and improve it considerably within a short span of time.

Doing Kegel Exercises the right way

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Kegel exercises can be done by men at any point of time. However, it is imperative that one locates the pelvic muscles correctly before starting these exercises. These tips will help in identifying these muscles and then using Kegel exercises to strengthen them.

Locating the Muscles

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The best way to locate the pelvic muscles is to stop urinating in midstream. If this is not possible, one can try to tighten the muscles that help prevent gas passage. These movements will stimulate the pelvic muscles, making it easier for one to identify them. One can proceed to do the Kegel exercises after successfully identifying these muscles.

Doing Kegel Exercises

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Although Kegel exercises can be done standing up, sitting down or even lying down, it is best for newcomers to start doing the exercises while lying down. One needs to lie down with the legs apart. This needs to be followed by tightening the pelvic muscles (the ones that were identified in the previous step).

The muscles need to be kept in this position for about 3 seconds and then relaxed. A rest period of 3 seconds is allowed after which the muscles need to be tightened for another 3 seconds and so on. One can do at least 10 sets of this exercise at one stretch, three times a day.

Perfecting the Technique

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When tightening the pelvic muscles, one needs to focus on contracting only the pelvic muscles and not any other nearby muscles, including the muscles in the abdomen, buttocks or thighs. It is also advisable to breathe freely while contracting the pelvic muscles rather than holding the breath.

Expecting Results

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Ideally, regular Kegel exercises can help provide fruitful results in six weeks or so. The pelvic muscles are like any other muscle in the body. They will take their time to grow stronger. One should concentrate on following the Kegel exercises religiously for the said duration of time in order to achieve desirable results.

Men tend to experience a series of prostate related issues as they age. Regular pelvic floor exercises can help thwart many of these issues effectively. They can also help boost prostate health considerably in the long run.

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