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Ideal poses for enjoying shower sex with your partner

Shower sex evokes some very erotic imageries of enjoying a steamy and spicy session of intimacy under the shower of your bathroom. Unfortunately, the reality can be very different from your imagination. The slippery surface of bathroom can lead to grave injuries if you are not cautious.

Moreover, most of the sex positions are not suitable to be performed inside a bathroom. It takes flexibility, strength and agility for making shower sex work for you. However, there are some no fail sex poses which any couple can try under the shower at their leisure. In the following some of the ideal shower sex poses have been discussed.

Soapy Grope

To perform this pose the lady will be standing right under the shower with her hands on the wall for support. Her man will stand behind her with legs hip width apart. If there is a bathtub nearby or if the shower head is above the bathtub, then the lady can put her leg up on the edge of the tub for balancing.

Ask your female partner to crouch a little to reduce difference in height if any. Spoon her and enter her from behind. This position offers the man ample scope to grope her entire body and shower kisses on the neck and back. A variant of this pose is called the standing doggie style.

Straddle him crazy

If you are a woman who loves to be in control in the bedroom then this is the best shower sex position for you. Ask your man to sit on the edge of the tub or on the toilet sit. Sit on his lap and straddle his penis.

Not only this position gives you full control of the penetration but it also lets your man enjoy looking at your curves as you go crazy straddling him. Plus, he can stimulate your clitoris and breasts easily in this pose.

Face off

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There is nothing more intimate than standing inside a shower cubicle, facing each other and making out. Face off position can bring your wildest dreams to life. Position each other in such a way that you both have good control over the amount of penetration and the motion. This pose also allows both partners stimulate each others erogenous zones.

Play superman

Many couples vow by the Superman pose for shower sex. In this sex pose you will have to hug your man tight and be close enough to him while he lifts you up for penetration. Riskier than the other poses discussed, this requires strength and balance. It is a good idea to perform the superman pose with a traction mat beneath your feet.

More importantly, get some wall handles drilled in the shower room to hold on to during sex. But, if you can do it right, Superman sex pose will give you plenty of pleasure and enhance the intimacy quotient between you and your partner.

Bathtub rhythm

Sit face to face, comfortably inside your bathtub. Now put your legs up his shoulders and let him slide inside your vagina with ease. Ask your man to blindfold you for increasing the sensation of this pose. He can pull at your hips for creating a sensual rhythm while penetrating. You can introduce variation in tub sex by both sitting in the cool water in a lotus pose. Lovers of tantric sex can enjoy slow penetration in the tub filled with warm water for hours.

Shower sex is tricky yet highly gratifying. Try different sex poses and postures to find the most befitting one for enjoying intimacy in water. Since, the needs of each couple is different, you have to choose a shower sex position that suits you best.

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