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How to make your woman want more sex with you

Seduction is a subtle art of manipulation. You have to spark interest in the heart of the significant other and make them desire you sexually. This way they will not mind initiating sex instead of you. Sometimes couples fail to make time for each other.

After managing the kids and work, women lose interest in sex. Instead of starving and controlling your carnal needs, which will eventually lead to the destruction of your beautiful relationship, learn to seduce her and make her say yeas to your amorous pleas. Here are some helpful tips.

Genuine compliments and good communication skills

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Remember those silly little inside jokes you two used to cherish? The art of seduction is often based on rekindling fondest memories that helped you become a couple in the first place. If you want to make her say ‘yes’ to sex more often you will have to put some effort into it. Cook her dinner or order dinner from her favorite restaurant and set the table.

Get her to talk and relax. Be the good host and crack jokes like the time when you dated her. Compliment her from your heart. This will definitely make her want to be in your arms and spark desire. Sexologists believe that in most cases, it is the lack of communication that kills the relationship. Your partner may not always be on the same page as you. That just means you have to be more patient and give their perspective a little more respect.

Snuggling and cuddling can lead to sex

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The biggest turn off for women is to be groped when they are not in the mood or only a little aroused. Men who are adept at seducing don’t go for second or third base at the beginning of foreplay. Just snuggle and cuddle her.

Live A Great Life

Make her feel loved and wanted. Kiss the nape of her neck and her forehead. Take her feet on your lap and give her a foot massage. All these will make her desire you. When she shows some signs of arousal start kissing her more intimately on the lips or hands or even feet. Things will get steamier in no time.

Surprises in different forms

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Do something for her that is not sexual yet thoughtful. For example run one of her errands or gift her something that she has been eyeing for long. a sudden text, a bedside note, a bunch of fresh flowers can also make her feel loved and get her in the mood. It is all about changing the attitude towards your partner. Agreeing for sex is not a duty for her. She may choose to say no. Do not treat sex as your marital right or else there is nothing that can save your relationship.

Lengthen the time allotted for foreplay

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So what if you two have been together forever? You can still do new things in the bedroom. Unconventional sex always stimulates and interests women. Try new foreplay techniques with her and make sure that both of you have sufficient time in hand. ‘

Sometimes, women find that they are nothing but a tool their husbands use for ejaculation. No one likes to feel used and that is the reason why she says no to sex. Make her feel important and show her that her sexual satisfaction is important to you. A change in attitude from your side will definitely bring positive results.

Men often fail to understand how they can make their wives agree for more sex. Good communication, better foreplay techniques and empathy can do the trick. Learn to listen to her and make her feel cared for.

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