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How to keep sex exciting throughout your married life

While married life is not only about sex, sex is definitely one of the most important aspects of a successful married life. Despite all the challenges live with throw at you during your married life, good sexual experience keeps you and your partner connected together. However, it has been seen that the enjoyment from sex starts to reduce as you are years and decades into your marriage. This lack of sexual excitement leads you away from your partner and this gap can also lead to breakups, which is something not many couples actually want.


There can be many reasons of losing sexual interest in your partner, with the major one being stress. In order to have a good sexual life, even after having babies, it is essential for both partners to keep on adding spice to their sexual relationship one way or the other.  The foremost thing to do is to keep on interacting with your partner as interaction is very important in order to have sexual excitement. Both the partners should be open with each other and this can only happen with intimacy. Both partners can have sex talk once a while to just add a little spice in the relationship.

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Married couples can also try new things, such as a new position to make things interesting. There are hundreds of positions in which love can be made and there is no harm in trying and failing in some of them. This failure will only add some humor to your sex life, which is just as important as your married life is.


Couples should also make sure that apart from their babies, they too have a life of their own. It is never a bad idea to go out on a romantic weekend vacation. Such a vacation will bring you back in your honeymoon mood, where you will not only cherish your old memories, but try out something which you did during that time.

Apart from that, couples can also watch adult movies that can turn on their mood and they can enjoy a good night of sex afterwards. While frequency of having sex might drop as you are years into your relationship, it becomes important that whenever you have sex, it should be just as rewarding as the sex you had when you just got married. A good married life largely depends on sexual satisfaction. Both partners should try and invent something new, which turns on the other partner. While for the female partner, it can be as easy as wearing revealing clothes which she just bought for the occasion or wearing a nice perfume, for males, it can get a little more difficult, but you should try out something new to keep your partner sexually interested in you at all times.


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