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How regular sex can help you live longer

Earlier, sex was considered to be nothing more than physical pleasure for couples. However, research has proved that regular sex not only helps to get physical satisfaction, but also helps improve health and can help you live longer. Other than health benefits, there are numerous benefits of a healthy and regular sexual intercourse that many people don’t know. Regular sex helps boost immunity from various virus and bacteria, reduces stress, improves health conditions, improves blood circulation, reduces risk of heart diseases and last but not the least, increases intimacy between couples. Let us discuss in detail how sex could help one to increase longevity.

Increases bonding

Regular and healthy sex helps to create a strong sense of bonding between a husband and a wife. Along with physical satisfaction, it also helps in mental contentment. Both the sex partners feel secure. Doctors recommend 1 hour of sex everyday for at least 3 days in a week for good physical and mental health.

Helps remain healthy

Regular sex makes one feel fit as well as healthy. Sex is a vigorous exercise, which helps in losing weight as well. It is equivalent to a day of regular exercise. It helps you to stay fit and happy. Morning sex helps a couple to start the day on a great note. It is noteworthy mentioning that one hour of sex burns 200 calories of energy, which is equivalent to 15 minutes of jog every day. Sex also improves your blood circulation, reduces heart ailments, lowers cholesterol and releases feel good hormones for your satisfaction.


Live A Great Life

Less stressed

Regular sex helps you to feel less stressed. It relieves you after a day of hectic work, and relaxes you. People who live a satisfying sex life are less nervous. It helps you to relieve yourself from the tiredness and boredom of life.

Increases immunity

Lots of sex helps keep you immunized from viruses. Regular sex helps the body to increase the levels of antibody better known as immunoglobulin. Immunoglobulin helps to improve the resistance system of the body. If your immune system is strong, you will be able to fight virus and bacteria.


Helps in increasing longevity

It has been seen that sexually active people live longer than ones who are not sexually active. Having sex as part of your daily routine for around 1 hour a day helps you to add to your longevity. Regular masturbation helps a man to increase his sperm count as well. Regular orgasm helps fight off infections by at least 20% for both men as well as women.

These are the few factors which help one to increase his life span by moments of delicious sex. A regular and healthy sex life is something which every couple long for. It not only helps strengthening the relation but also helps in improving wellbeing and contentment on the whole.


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