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High Sugar Diet Can Affect Your Sex Life

Following a diet of high level of sugar induced foods does not only make you prone to diabetes but can also highly affect your sex life. According to a Canadian research report which was also published in Journal of Clinical Investigation, high levels of glucose and fructose in your body can deactivate and badly affect the gene responsible for controlling and monitoring the level of sex hormone in your body.

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The said research was conducted on mice as well as on human cell cultures and it says that it is very necessary to replace the simple common sugars like table sugars, fructose and glucose with the less common complex sugars like starches in order to prevent your sex hormones from getting affected. The simple sugars are mainly composed of glucose and fructose which after going through the process of metabolism gets stored in your body as fats. Excess amount of fat synthesis deactivates the sex hormone binding globulin or SHBG gene which directly affects the SHBG protein level in your bloodstream. This protein then helps in tuning both the testosterone and estrogen level that circulates throughout your body.

It has been found that lesser amount of SHBG protein can result in higher levels of testosterone and estrogen in your body. This then further increases the chances of having health problems like infertility, acne, polycystic ovaries or uterine cancer in women who are overweight. Besides this it also affects the ratio of estrogen and testosterone in women and exposes them to many heart diseases.

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So, it is highly important to monitor the intake of sugar induced foods to prevent the above mentioned health risks and also to maintain a healthy sex life. The degree of damage to your sexual health caused by continuous high sugar diet is still yet to be established but it has been confirmed that high level of sugar can seemingly deactivate your sexual hormones leading to inability to have enough sexual stimulation during any kind of sexual encounters. Therefore, lowering your sugar induced diet will not only prevent you from getting infected by diabetes but will also boost your sexual life to a great extent.

Moreover, besides lowering the intake of sugar, practicing mild physical exercises can also be very helpful for your overall heath including your sexual health. Presence of excess fats in your body makes you prone to a number of sexual diseases and besides diet control, exercise can also help you to lose these excess fats to a considerable degree. Hence a combination of physical exercise and a healthy diet can bring you a treasure of good health and will also let you enjoy your sexual life for a longer period of time in the long run.

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