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Having sex every day keeps the doctor away

Have you even thought that a kiss helps keep at bay dental worries or a gratifying sexual intercourse at night might make the next morning nice and fresh? This is what the power of sex is and this is the reason why doctor say sex a day keeps the doctors at bay. Most researchers and doctors have proved that a happy sex life is a secret of healthy life. You might as a young girl tires copious methods to give the extra glow on your face and a shine on your hair or you might try hard to get the exact figure but all must have been futile as sex is the answer to these solutions. A fulfilling sex act can bring joy to your heart and mind. Along with the perfect texture and complexion there are lots of miracles sex can do.


Calories are harmful, but you love chocolates and colas and cannot restrain yourself. Sex can help you. It helps in burning the extra fat which you develop and keeps you shaped and tone just the way you always wanted to be mirrored. Sex has in it the ability to tranquilize and reducing depression. Asthma and headache can gets reduced with regular sexual activity. From being the makeup expert sex is a master of hair and fitness. There are lots to share on this topic when one talks about how vigorous sexual life can help you both physically and emotionally.

Live A Great Life

There are various myths and notions regarding the sex. Out of the several notions one very predominant notion is the various hormones which are released during making love. The hormones have very many effects in the body. Shedding light on this topic researchers say that the pleasure promotes psychological and physical benefits. Sex even has a chemical reaction in our body. It has the power in it to boost the chemicals which protect our body. Joint and muscle pain and increasing life span are special effects of sex. It also promotes heart health.


The acceleration of heart health along with blood circulation and also basal metabolism leads to the well being of the mind and also help us calm down. Sex is therefore not just a way to keep yourself healthy but also helps you to have a great bond with your partner. Sex helps make a great bond and thus helps in great communication. Couples feel loved and secured when they are engaged in a sexual relationship. Sex helps the couples gets the spiritual state which is very essential for great health. Sex gives a great feeling of being secured and belongingness. This is what helps deal with all problems of life in the most relaxed way.

Sex is supposed to be a great sport, which has no dangers and have great advantages. It de stresses and also rejuvenates the body and mind. It is also at the same time a great therapy. Having sex with adequate amount of protection is great way for healthy life and mind.


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