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Having exciting sex is more important during the holidays than ever

Holidays are not supposed to be stressful. But the festive season makes the holidays stressful. This is that time of the year when you don’t seem to find time for anything but seasonal madness all the way. In such a scenario, how do you find time for sex? If experts are believed, holiday stress and sex should not be mixed. No matter the time at hand, couples must find time to be comfortable and cozy irrespective of the demands on you.

Don’t wait for the mood


When your mind is clogged with stress, as it would ideally be preparing heart out for Christmas and New Year celebrations; finding mood to lay with your partner may not come easy. It’s the most magical time of the year – time when you are expecting to catch up with everyone in the family. It’s thus important to catch up with your significant other too – if you are waiting for the mood to click, with stress, you may be waiting forever. Therefore, cease the moment as and when you get and spice up things in bed after a long day.

Bottomline, don’t forget about your feelings and more importantly the joy of making love in all that tinsel and turkey.

Few tips to ensure your sex life doesn’t suffer during holiday season

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Live A Great Life
  • Sex has been proven to be a great stress buster. You may find it funny, but body releases endorphins and oxytocin during sex. The release of these hormones allows the brain to feel intimate and relaxed – reducing anxiety and stress. So, if you want take a chill from all the celebration preparations, squeeze in an hour or so to be with your partner. Some cozy moments can carry you through the stress all day.
  • Sex is not only about living through the night, sometimes even minutes of intimacy can have a wonderful effect. In the holiday season, when longie is not really a possibility, a quick hot, comfy sex routine can rejuvenate the mind.
  • Sex is not always supposed to be random and spontaneous. Most people think sex is best when it’s spontaneous, but that’s not true. You can plan it well in advance and build up to the moment. This is the way you’ll be able to think something beyond the regular celebration chores, and you will be well prepared to relieve and the stress.

Tips to heat up things without the candles

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There can be moments when it’s not so much because of the holiday stress, but more because things have become so routine in the bed that you have lost the zeal for sex. This is the time when raising the temperature can easily bring back some spice in the sex life.

Playing with the bodies is the best part about penetrating and finishing it off in a jiffy. How well, and how many new ways you can make you to arouse your partner can mean the difference between good sex and awesome sex.

Couple of tips on heating up things for great sex:

  • Warm breath can be arousing. Using it in the right places can send your partner wild. According to experts, using the warmth from the breath in erogenous zones such as the neck, earlobes and between the legs can heighten skin sensitivity.
  • Using a hot brewage is not always about spilling hot chocolate on the bodies. Before you go down on the guy, you can take a sip of hot tea and swallow it. This makes your mouth nice and warm and the heat can increase your guys blood flow.


No matter the time of the year, sex is a great way to keep cozy and comfortable with your partner. And during the holiday season, when your head is stuffed with turkey and decoration, sex can be great stress reliever.

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