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First time guide: Things to know when having sex for the first time

Whether it is your partner who has no experience of a sexual encounter or both of you, first time sex can be overwhelming, yet highly satisfying. A myth says first time sex is not enjoyable and even painful for women. Inexperience can make you two feel awkward and clumsy at times, but there is no reason to be apprehensive.

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When you are aroused nothing matters more than gratification and the rest will come to you naturally. But being inexperienced does not mean you should not be knowledgeable and try to pick up a few tips on how to make her feel more comfortable during sex. With the right techniques, you can enjoy sex to the fullest. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Work on the ambience

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If you are planning to take her home after a date, make sure that your room is clean and does not smell of sweaty clothes. Creating a romantic ambience helps in setting the mood and relaxes your partner. She will appreciate the effort you have put in making the place cleaner and smell fresh. Simply change the bed sheet, spray some room freshener and light one or two aromatic candles. Dim the lights and draw the blind and you are ready to go.

Kiss her to perfection

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Often women decide to have sex based on how well the man kisses. She will feel ready to take things to the next level only after a couple of sessions of making out. So, make sure that you kiss her really well. Do not insert your tongue deep down her throat or else she will feel disgusted and choked. You should proceed gently by first touching her lips with your and then sucking her lips in soft kisses. When your breathing synchronizes more, hold the back of her head for some French kissing and sensual tongue action.

Foreplay is a must

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Foreplay intensifies the feeling of intimacy and arouses your partner completely. Undress her in many steps, taking in her beauty and making her feel loved. Give attention to the little details of her body and feel the curves.

Kiss, tickle and nibble her collarbone, rim of ears, nape of the neck, shoulders, and little finger of her feet while you slowly undress her. Fondle her breasts while she is clothed and after undressing her. Don’t restrict all the kissing and sucking to the nipples. Shower the entire breasts with your love and passion. Another erogenous zone that needs to be adored during foreplay is the naval. Some women enjoy being tickled and kissed on their back. Try different moves to find out what makes her ecstatic.

Protection and lubrication

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Use condoms from the very first time you have sex. It will ensure safety for both of you. If it is her first time, chances are that she is not on pills. Taking protection will prevent unwanted pregnancy and unnecessary complications. Also use quality lubes so that she feels less pain due to stretching during penetration.

Don’t have high expectations


It is important to have moderate expectations. Sex only gets better with time and practice so do not lose hope if you did not fly to the moon and back the first time. First time sex helps in enhancing the intimacy and opens up the opportunity for having more thrilling sexual encounters. Sex can be satisfying emotionally and physically even without an orgasm. Do not let preconceived notions ruin first time sex for you.

First time sex can feel a little awkward as you are for the first time getting so close and intimate with someone. The right foreplay techniques will help you arouse your partner and get them in the mood. Enjoy the experience without any doubts or expectations.

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