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Exercise can do wonders for your sex life. Here’s how

A lot of us tend to lose interest for sex as we age. Although, our mind would still scream for mind blowing sex, our bodies will hardly want to cooperate in the matter. But there is a way this can be taken care of.

While many relate exercising to losing weight, it is a known fact that regular exercises can help improve your sex life as well. Here are a few ways in which exercising regularly can help you get back the active sex life you had in your 20s’ and still yearn for today.

Exercise Increases your Stamina

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Of course we all know that exercises will improve health and boost stamina in the process. This enhanced stamina will help you in the bedroom as well. Increasing your stamina with exercises can help improve your endurance during sex, meaning you can enjoy extended pleasure sessions with your partner without tiring half way in between.

Exercise Enhances Sexual Pleasure

Sexual Pleasure

What if we tell you that regular exercises can bring back all those tingles you used to experience while having sex? This tingling sensation is brought about by blood flow to a particular region which then begins to experience the sensation. Here is where exercises can help you.

Regular exercises can help improve cardiovascular health as well as boost the circulation of blood throughout the body. And when we say throughout the body, we mean the genital regions. Increased blood flow to the genital region helps in easy arousal which in turn, increases sexual excitement considerably. While men will experience stronger, harder erections this way, women will enjoy longer orgasms.

Exercises make you feel sexier and confident

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All those extra pounds around our tummy, arms and buttocks, etc. tend to make us feel pretty apprehensive about showing our body even to our partners. Sometimes this reflects on our performance during sex as well.

Exercising can help remove all the extra weight from your body, bringing you back in shape in the healthiest way possible. This will help you regain your confidence and comfort level in bed. Eventually, this confidence will reflect in your sex life which will, no doubt become sexier and more active.

Exercises increase your sex drive

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We know for a fact that exercises help the body lose weight, thus helping individuals regain their confidence in bed. We also know that exercises increase blood circulation to the genital regions, boosting libido considerably. But not many know that regular exercises can trigger the production and release of endorphins in the body.

These chemicals are also called as feel good hormones owing to their calming effects on the end. The release of endorphins also spike up an individual’s sex drive significantly, thus automatically increasing interest in sex.

Exercise makes you more flexible

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With time, our body tends to lose its flexibility owing to the limited movements caused by a 9 hour desk job and a sedentary lifestyle. Regular exercises featuring stretches will make your muscles and joints more flexible. In addition to helping you perform better in bed, this will help you make your sex life steamier by creating the opportunity of testing out a wide range of new sex positions you had been really scared of trying till now.

Exercising regularly can improve your sex drive to a great extent. In addition to boosting your sex drive, regular exercises can make you more active and flexible in bed. Regular exercises can also enhance sexual pleasure and make you feel more confident about yourself during the process.

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