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Exercise and a good lifestyle can make your sex life better

Having a sturdy medical insurance is not sufficient for ensuring good health. You will have to make conscious efforts to lead a healthy lifestyle and exercise for a fulfilling sex life. No health insurance can help you with that. The fitter you are the better your sex life will get. As you age your body’s sexual capacity will get reduced. After 40s, most women have to go through menopause.

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The estrogen level drops down and they also experience vaginal dryness. The testosterone levels decreases in men. As a result, their libido gets reduced. Lack in sexual desires makes your personal life boring and frustrating. To avoid such problems one should start following healthy habits from an early period.

Eat the right foods

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Eating healthy may not be directly related to your sexual performance but it helps you stay fit. Proper balanced diet can prevent many diseases and boost up your immunity. If you are healthy and fit then you will be capable of enjoying sex. Diseases turn people off naturally, as they are unable to relish sexual sensations. Eating fatty foods can lead to high cholesterol levels and heart diseases.

The medicines doctors prescribe for heart diseases decrease sexual desires. To avoid such problems eat low fat, home cooked meals. Make sure there are sufficient vegetables, fruits and meats in your daily meal. Fishes like salmon is a great source of enriching and nourishing vitamins, minerals and Omega 6 fatty acids. Drinking milk everyday can also be beneficial for overall health and give you the energy for performing well in bed.

Exercise everyday

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The importance of exercise in improving your sexual performance cannot be stressed enough. Recently the researchers of Cedars Sinai Medical Center surveyed a participating group of 300 individuals and found that the most physically active participants enjoyed higher numbers of orgasms. Another study conducted by The Manchester University had surveyed 1,700 people aged above 58.

The researchers found that elderly couples who had regular sex were happier and mentally active. From these surveys it is evident that exercise boosts sex drives and improves sexual performance and regular sexual intercourse keeps people happier.

Exercising your limbs, torso and core muscles will not just reduce body fat but also make you more flexible. Being flexible is necessary for enjoying different types of sexual poses. Exercising makes one more confident and helps them attract potential partners.

Women who work out everyday get more blood flown to their vagina when they are sexually stimulated. This makes sex more enjoyable for them. Apart from basic exercises, also try to strengthen the vaginal muscles and leg muscles. Men should focus on exercising their lower torso and legs along with other parts.

Which exercises can help your sex life?

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Sexual satisfaction can only be derived if your partner appreciates your body. Aging changes the body shape and so does bad lifestyle. Exercises that focus on the pelvic floor muscles are good for the sex life of both men and women. Women can try belly dancing which is an exotic dance form popularized by pop stars like Shakira.

This dance form will tone and strengthen the belly and lower abdomen muscles. Pilates can help in improving blood flow to the pelvic region, enhancing sexual enjoyment. Elderly couples can take walks together which will help in shedding bodyweight and keep fit. Resistance training also makes the body more flexible and fit for vigorous romance.

Exercising and proper diet can change the course of your sex life. Exercise makes one more confident, flexible and capable of enjoying sex.

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