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The effects of having sex with a circumcised man

Circumcision is huge topic of debate these days, as some believes that it is good and some do not support this. Basically, it is a cultural norm but it is also vital to understand consequences about it. Firsts of all it is important to understand what is it and is it good and bad. This is commonly carried out worldwide for multiple reasons, which include health, medical need, tradition, religion, and esthetics.

What is Circumcision?      


It is a surgical removal of the foreskin of the penis, which is performed on infants. People who support this believe that this improves health and can reduce the transmission of diseases or infections. People, who do not support this, believe that it is a form of genital mutilation and its health benefits can be easily attained through simple hygiene and safe sex practices.

Its effects

sex with  circumcised man

Circumcision includes the removal of the fore skin, which is an important and sensitive part of male gentile. It has thousands of nerve endings and removal of this can have some effects on the health of an individual. The foreskin keeps the glens of the penis moist and warm and removal of the foreskin can be dangerous.

Though, sex and sex desire is not that much related to circumcision as it do not affect the arousal. But, this is also notable fact that women who have had sex with circumcised men may not know what they are missing. Most women feel vaginal dryness during an intercourse with circumcised men. This can lead to less women orgasm and other things. This can also make the man likely to have a premature ejaculation.

Circumcision does not affect the sex life of a man as do not affect the sensitivity and satisfaction. It can in return help with some medical conditions in a man and they are:

Lowers the rate of HIV


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Circumcision can lower the risk of HIV in both men and women. A circumcised man harbors fewer bacteria that survive in low oxygen conditions. This bacterium is the main transmitter of infections and bacteria that can cause sexual transmitted diseases and HIV. This can also reduce the risk of infection in females during intercourse. This is the main reason behind this as it can help an individual to get rid of such infections and health conditions.

Lowers the rate of penile cancer

 penile cancer

Circumcision also lowers the rate of penile cancer. This surgical method is considered best to cure various cancers like penile cancer. Circumcised men are less prone to health conditions like penile cancer. Genital hygiene is the best way to prevents penile cancer and circumcision helps to keep the area clean. It restricts entering the bacteria that can survive in low oxygen and thus helps an individual to reduce the risk of penile cancer up to 50 percent.

Cervical cancer

virginal opening of women

Circumcision not only provides health benefits to men as it also provides multiple benefits to women as well. This method is considered best to decrease the risk of cervical cancer in females. It restricts the harmful bacteria to enter the virginal opening of women and reduce the risk of cervical cancer in women.

Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is one of the most dangerous conditions that can affect the sexual health of an individual. It reduces the sex desire in men and lead to problems like bleeding and pain. It can reduce the formation of harmful bacteria that can cause infection and lead to problems like prostate cancer in men.


Circumcision is performed for multiple reasons, which may include health, religion, culture, and tradition. But, it is also a fact that it can have significant effects on the sexual pleasure in women.

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