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Don’t let kids put a halt on your sex life

Life before having kids and after having kids is very different. Once you have kids, everything in your life has to be changed according to their convenience. You may have to sell your sports car to get a family car with baby sits. You have to be more social and nicer to the neighbors so that they offer to baby-sit.

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Your sex life can drastically change after pregnancy and having a kid in home. Smart couples support each other through the different phases of raising a child and have sex abundantly, whenever possible. In the following, you will find some solutions for improving your sex life after having kids.

Setting priorities is the key to successful sex life


For giving your children a happy and safe environment to grow up, you and your partner must share a loving and caring relationship. Any tension between the parents directly affects the kids and disrupts their mental peace. Sex is not just a physically gratifying exercise, but it is also a type of communication that couples share. For reducing and eliminating stress from your personal relationships, you should set priorities.

If your first priority is your kids then the second or at least third priority has to be your physical intimacy. Set some time aside for adoring, loving and enjoying the presence of your partner. Try to go out together for dinner and watch movies. Hold hands while walking in the evening and talk to each other face to face. Make sure to have family dinners at least thrice every week. All these will cement the gaps in your relationship and make way for better intimacy.

Why is sex lacking?

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Miscommunication or lack of communication between partners regarding their waning sex life is a very common problem. In many cases one partner shows interest in having sex but stops expressing desire after being rebuffed by the other partner many times. So, if you are feeling a drop in your sexual desires then try to explain that to your partner.

Children are your responsibility but don’t make them an excuse to avoid the necessary conversation about your sex life. Your sex life can deteriorate due to some physical disabilities, the medicines you take, the chronic diseases you have or emotional detachment from your partner. Figure out the actual reasons behind your bad sex life if you want to fix it.

Lock your doors

 Lock your doors

If your children are too young to understand the meaning of privacy and have a tendency of coming inside without knocking or peeping, then please lock your door at night. Teach your children to knock if they need you or check on them when you get up for using the toilet. Locking the door will give you the mental peace and privacy for having sex without being afraid of getting caught.

Share your passions

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Life is a one time opportunity and you need not limit yourself to only the role of being parents. Think about the qualities that made you both like each other in the very beginning. If you talk about children and household problems all the time then there will be no true companionship between you two. Enroll for a new form of dancing classes or go for hiking together. Do anything that gives you an adrenaline rush. This will also increase your desire for your partner. All you have to do is purge the inhibitions and open the flood gates of desires once more.

Couples who neglect their sex life after having kids are making a huge mistake. They need to revive the desire by spending tension free moments together. Communicate for solving the emotional crisis and enhance the bonding.

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