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The deep scars that sex addiction can leave on your relationship

Relationships are strong but at the same time they are delicate and require regular nurturing. Psychological problems like sex addiction can deeply impact and damage an otherwise healthy relationship. Often when a partner starts acting in an irrational manner, which cannot be easily explained with logic or misbehaves it affects the self esteem of the other partner. We are all prone to blaming ourselves for the bad things that happen in a relationship and go into a state of denial when faced with serious problems. Sexual addiction is an obsessive psychological condition that needs medical attention and proper counseling. It does not emerge out of love and can be the bane of your relationship.

Sex addiction VS love addiction:


Sexual addition is a compulsive disorder, which makes the affected persons crave sexual intercourse most of the time and demolishes their capability of thinking of other important aspects of life. The affected persons might become violent and force their respective partners into indulging in their fantasies. This leads to major rift in relationships. Love addicts are generally people with little experience of receiving love in real life. These people are desperate to be loved but live in constant fear of being rejected. The fear of rejection and break ups dominate their lives, which can lead to violent consequences. Addiction of both love and sex can prove to be ruinous.

Understanding the sufferings of the sex addict:

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If your partner is suffering from sex addiction and you want to give him or her a chance of getting back to a normal mental state then it is necessary for you to understand what your partner is going through. Sexual addiction makes a man or woman crave for sexual stimulation just as a drug addict craves for drugs or an alcoholic craves for alcohol. Sexual addiction can instigate your partner to cheat on you. An individual may not be able to control his or her lustful desires while suffering from this syndrome.

The characteristics of sexual disorder vary from one person to another. In some people, its manifestation occurs through practicing sexual behaviors which are not conventional or traditional. Others find themselves attracted to ‘hot’ members of the opposite sex. Yet they try to hold onto a steady partner and seek emotional support from them. They suffer from the fear of emptiness, boredom, shamefulness and intimacy. They indulge in non-emotional physical relationships for stimulation that keeps their mind from brooding over the emptiness. Insecurity is probably at the core of such dysfunctions and only experienced psychologists can help in curing them through expert consultations.

Dysfunctional relationships:

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Any relationship where one partner does morally wrong things and the other partner tolerates them endlessly is slightly or more dysfunctional. If the love addict forms a relationship with an avoidant then the relationship does not last for a long time. The avoidant initially gives as much attention to the sexual addict as they need but after a while they become emotionally stressed. The constant neediness of the sex addict tires them out and then they end the relationship. Sex addicts generally find a codependent partner who desires to be needed. The codependent can only be in a dysfunctional relationship where they feel needed. If the sex addict recovers then the codependent might leave him or her and find a new dysfunctional person.


Sex addiction is a problem which requires proper counseling and emotional guidance so that the victim can learn to endure the emptiness which is a part of our consciousness. Both the sex addicts and their partner must go through counseling and heal together for building a strong relationship.

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