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All romantic relationships start with a convergence of the minds with feelings of infatuation and love surfacing initially but as the relationship progresses further people feel the innate desire for physical intimacy and sex in order to reinforce these bonds of love. People start expecting certain things from their partners while having sex and an unsatisfactory performance in bed can turn the entire relationship sour. Managing hectic work schedules and targets while trying to keep their sexual lives active and fulfilling can be an uphill task for most couples in a relationship but most of them acknowledge that satisfying sex can be immensely helpful in reducing stress and relieving the pressures of the workplace.
Relationships that have evolved from mere emotional attachment to gratifying sexual experiences are more likely to improve the overall well-being as well as mutual appreciation among couples.
Communication improves as a whole when people openly talk about conventionally reserved topics such as sex and this goes a long way in strengthening the relationship. They begin to understand each other’s vulnerabilities and expectations and this brings them closer

Waking up your libido from its untimely slumber

Desire fades with time and closeness. Sex therapists have found that numerous couples who love each other stop having sex as responsibilities increases and desire wanes. With desire the level of libido decreases as well. Couples find it hard to ...

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How past sexual abuse affects a married life

In most of the cases, a disastrous sexual abuse leaves a scar on individual’s personality. At a very small and young age, if a child experiences sexual abuse, he goes through a great psychological and physical trauma and it often ...

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Sexual enjoyment has a solid link with personality

Sex is generally linked only with physical pleasure but it is also a source of mental satisfaction and happiness. The psychology of an individual plays a major role in increasing the level of pleasure derived from sexual intercourse. Research shows ...

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Make him crave for you sexually

Sex is one of the best recreations for couples and it acts as the binding energy in relationships. It brings two different individuals closer and creates a deeper emotional connection. In long term relationships like marriages and live-in relationships, sex ...

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Changes in sex life that follow pregnancy

There are many myths and facts regarding the changes that occur in your sex life post pregnancy. The female body goes through several stages of transitions during pregnancy. Some of these changes are temporary but many are permanent. Bearing a ...

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