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A good sleep makes your sex life better

Stress is robbing the capacity of falling asleep from men and women. Insomnia has become a serious problem that is affecting every aspect of an individual’s life. According to a recent scientific study conducted by University of Michigan Sleep and Circadian Research Laboratory, women who sleep well can enjoy sex more. A good night’s sleep can boost their sex drive. If science is to be believed then women who are suffering from insomnia has to be proactive regarding their sleep deprivation. There are some simple methods of inducing sleep. Making a few changes in your lifestyle will help you fall asleep easily.

Can sleep really enhance sex drive?

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Lack in sexual desires and being too tired for having sex, are two common problems that modern couples complain about. Lack of sleep makes one tired and drowsy. Despite being sleep deprived, women have to still go to work and conduct daily chores. All this make them more tired and irritated. No wonder they do not feel like having sex when their men act amorous.

Sleeping makes a woman feel fresher and active. She can finish chores with gusto and then enjoy spare time romancing her partner. Sleep deprivation can even lead towards mood swings and depression. It changes a person’s personality and makes them irritable. All such changes cannot be good for your sex life.

The scientific relationship between sex and sleep

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The teams of researchers from University of Michigan Sleep and Circadian Research Laboratory recruited 171 healthy women for surveying. For a period of two weeks, they questioned the participating women about their sex life and sleeping routines. The researchers have found that every hour of extra sleep increases the chance of having sex with potential partner by 14%.

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The result of this study has been published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. The researchers have advised women to sleep for longer hours as resting body and mind will help them enjoy sex more. They have also suggested that patients who complain of a sudden drop in their sex drive should be checked for symptoms of insomnia.

Tips for sleeping well


Women who suffer from insomnia or cannot sleep well at nights should stay away from too much caffeine, nicotine and alcohol. Often, sleep deprived people smoke or drink several cups of coffee to beat drowsiness. This negative approach will further deteriorate the condition. Set a bedtime for yourself and other family members after which time you will not touch the cell phone or watch violent movies. Listen to soft songs or instrumental music for relaxing your nerves.

Taking a warm bath before bedtime can also be beneficial in inducing sleep. Have an early dinner or supper and avoid eating too much spicy foods at dinner. This will help in sleeping with ease. Due to work pressure and worries many of us fail to separate professional and personal life. You have to stop bringing work related worries back home with you. Sleeping well improves your sex life but sex itself can induce sleep.


Enjoy intimacy with your partner for sleeping well and revitalizing your senses. Working on your laptop at night or checking notifications too many times can make one lose sleep and sleeping hours. IF you have to rise early then you have to hit the sack early as well. Make waking up easier and enjoyable by playing some of your favorite tracks in the morning and taking some time to sip tea and appreciate the beauty of the morning. Simple changes and balancing work with personal life can change your sleeping pattern for good.

Sleep helps in lifting your mood and makes women gain back their lost sex drive. Sleeping well will make your sex life more fulfilling and satisfying.

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