How scientific approach can help you increase productivity at work

The number of burnout cases in the professional industry is growing by leaps and bounds every year. Burnout is usually caused by exhaustion, which occurs when an individual is overworked or pushed constantly to perform better. With more productivity, the body would need more time to release the stress that it has accumulated. Sadly, things like adequate sleep, meditation and music have started playing hard to get these days, thanks to erratic work schedules and prolonged work hours. As such, an individual would have to resort to alternate ways to rejuvenate himself in the workplace in order to avoid burnout. Here are some productive tips that can be of some help in these cases.


Take a Web Break

Working incessantly for hours on end can give you nothing but a good headache. It would also exhaust your body’s energy. So consider taking a web break at appropriate intervals in between your work schedule. Play games, read celebrity news or watch pictures of cute animals online. Contrary to the popular notion that you would be slacking by doing this, studies have revealed that this would improve your focus on the job at hand.


Take a 90-Minute Work Interval

Studies have revealed that working continuously for more than two hours can exhaust you physically as well as mentally. Taking a break after about 90 minutes of your work on the other hand, can help you refresh yourself improve your focus. Accordingly, opt for a 15-minute break after every 90-minute work interval. Go for a walk, stand up and stretch your body or simply do the things mentioned in the previous tip. You would be amazed at how refreshed you feel at the end of the break.


Give your Willpower a Break

Pushing your body and mind to the hilt would definitely result in burnout. Stop forcing your body to perform more than it can at a time. Don’t exhaust your willpower. Rather, take a break in between your work to let it recharge itself so that you can face the task with renewed vigor.


Get Rid of Reminders

Those incessant reminders that keep blinking and popping up on your screen can distract your work and make you lose your focus. So make it a point to switch off all reminders and notifications when you are performing a challenging task. Keep them aside so that you can check them later. This would enable you to finish the current task faster and better.


Listening to music and going on vacations can be considered as effective ways to release stress. However, if you are pressed for time and cannot opt for these, here are some tips to rejuvenate yourself and increase your productivity efficiently.