Resolution of 2nd Conference on Health Tourism in Islamic Countries

Resolution of “2nd Conference on Health Tourism in Islamic Countries “

December 19-20,2011, Mashhad-Islamic Republic of Iran


Presented by Dr M R Karbasi, Conference secretariat | Director General Islamic Chamber at the ICCIM


The “2nd Conference on Health Tourism in Islamic Countries ” held in Mashhad , I R Iran

on, Dec 19-20,2011 focusing on challenges and Health Tourism opportunities and to enhance the

flow of Health tourists within the OIC member countries ,Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries and

Mines (ICCIM), Mashhad Razavi Hospital, I R Iran Ministry of Health and Medical Education, I. R.

Iran Organization of Cultural Heritage and Handicrafts and Tourism in collaboration with the

Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI), the Islamic Development Bank and the

Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) have organized a conference as well as an Exhibition

on the sidelines of the event in line with the Health tourism trends of the world in order to deepen the

knowledge of the experts and operators of health tourism in Islamic countries .


During the 2 days of the Conference with participation of about 300 businessmen, scholars, experts,

international organizations as well as chambers of commerce of member countries, presentations were

made on various aspects of Health Tourism in line with the OIC 10-Year Plan of Action adopted

during the Third Extraordinary Session of the Islamic Conference in Makkah as well as the Final

Resolution of the 7th Islamic Countries Health Ministers (ICTM) Meeting held in Tehran, I R Iran on

November 28-30,2010 expressing support of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC) for

establishment of the Islamic Countries Health Tourism Association (ICHTA) to address the needs of

the Muslim World in the 21st century and to identify ways and means to promote the health tourism

with a renewed spirit based on the principles of Islamic Solidarity.


The participants expressed their support for the following items with a view to the approval of the

establishment of the Islamic Countries Health Tourism Association (ICHTA) at the 7th Islamic

Countries Health Tourism Ministers Meeting (ICTM) in Tehran on November 28-30,2010 within its

resolution and the significance of such an initiative in promotion and development of the health

tourism incentives among the Islamic Countries the meeting unanimously adopted the below items:


1-Islamic Health Tourism Conference aims at introducing the potentials of Health Tourism

within OIC countries, as in this respect suitable platforms for the interaction of corporations

and organizations should be pursued by all Muslim Countries.


2-Expressing support for the Health Tourism bodies throughout the world, the efforts carried

out by all Islamic Chamber affiliated bodies in realization of OIC Health Tourism Market is

appreciated and all Healthcare standardization bodies are invited to collaborate with the

Islamic Chamber and its affiliated bodies in promotion of the Health Tourism Market.


3-The Health Tourism market provides excellent opportunities for motivating to collect their

shares in line with the OIC goals towards the Islamic Common Market and strengthening

Muslim World solidarity and the member countries can benefit from this opportunity for

promotion of their collaborations on Health tourism.


4-In order to further fortify the competitiveness of Health Tourism in the global arena the

authorities of the OIC countries are called upon to prepare incentives to promote Health

Tourism services in their own countries with a view to the Islamic World.


5-Islamic Development Bank is called on to continue contributing to research projects and

promotion activities in Islamic countries regarding Health Tourism products and services.


6-The Islamic Development Bank is encouraged to continue supporting efforts towards

health tourism in Islamic Countries. As such under the umbrella of OIC, IDB would

positively consider the proposals for feasibility studies of health tourism development.



7-Research and scientific studies are essential for promotion of Health Tourism. In this regard

while appreciating the previous assistance made by various institutions of the OIC, the

“Islamic Countries’ Health Tourism Association (ICHTA) ” is reaffirmed to be supported

technically and financially by OIC Institutions such as the Islamic Development Bank (IDB).


8-Harmonization of Health Tourism standards among OIC countries is essential. Hence

the joint meeting of medical ministries and related medical councils of OIC member

countries to harmonize their standards in this respect is proposed .


9-The insurance companies and authorities of the Islamic countries are called to look into ways

and means of collaborations in a manner to provide the insurance services to insured persons

of each other and provide inter OIC trans border services


10-Spas and wellness centers have to be encouraged in OIC countries in the fields such

as hydrotherapy and traditional/alternative medicine in which there are rich resources

in member countries by collaboration of the ICHTA as well as medical and tourism

authorities ,investors and entrepreneurs.


11-The elite medical and therapeutic complexes of the Islamic countries shall collaborate with

the ICHTA to explore establishing a company to promote investments in Health Tourism

industries of the OIC Countries


12-Training activities and joint courses shall be on the focus of the member countries of the OIC

in order to strengthen their capabilities in the field of health and medical tourism , hence

single, mutual and multilateral initiatives can be designed among the member countries for

this purpose


13-SME’s and entrepreneurs acting in Health Tourism industry shall be connected through the

Islamic Countries Health Tourism association (ICHTA) in Islamic countries in collaboration

of Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) and relevant scientific and research



14-The medical ethics is of paramount value in patient-doctor relations , therefore

promotion of medical ethics shall be pursued by Medical Associations and Councils

of OIC member countries to encourage prospective health tourists .


15-The Islamic Health Tourism Association (ICHTA) shall be interconnected and

assisted by Islamic Chamber members and institutions as well as due tour operators,

healthcare centers, Spa centers ,medical associations, councils and officials of Islamic

Countries to reach its operational optimum .


16-The participants agreed to pursue and realize the establishment of branches of the

Islamic Health Tourism Association (ICHTA) in their own respective countries

in order to follow up the trends of Health Tourism Development in Islamic World

through cooperation and coordination with the Islamic Chamber of Commerce and

Industry (ICCI) and the said association in all OIC member countries.


17-As the visa issuance problems hinders the process of health and medical travels

among the OIC member countries, the conference urges the Council of Foreign

Ministers (CFM) as well as the Islamic Countries Tourism Ministers (ICTM) to look

into ways and means to alleviate and removal of these hindrances duly.


18-The ICHTA shall harmonize the discounted-deferred packaging (ticket-hospital

reception – visa – accommodation etc…) initiatives to design and devise such

packages all around the OIC member countries.


19-Relevant agreements between the hospitals of less developed OIC member countries

and other member countries hospitals shall be endorsed to contribute to the diagnosis

and expedition of patients to more clinically advanced OIC Countries.



20-The participants called on the Islamic Countries health Tourism Association (ICHTA)


to strive to offer special incentives for exportation/importation of medical equipment


and relevant training of technicians.


21-The Conference called on the OIC member countries and their relevant authorities to


look into supporting for the promotion of Health Clusters in its various modalities.


22-Development of eHealth cards containing the medical data of the patients among OIC


member countries was encouraged.


The participants expressed their profound gratitude to, H.E Dr Saeed Abdolhosseini , Head of

Mashhad Razavi Hospital, and his colleagues for the warm welcome and generous hospitality

extended to the participants and for the excellent arrangements made to ensure the success of the



The participants also expressed their gratitude, for support and excellent arrangements of the

conference made jointly by Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines (ICCIM), I R Iran

“Ministry of Health and Medical Education, I R Iran Organization of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts

and Tourism, the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), the Islamic Chamber of Commerce

and Industry (ICCI), and the Islamic Development Bank (IDB).