Reasons that make Social Media surround your existence

Many find social media to be quite similar to a crazy girlfriend in the sense that they both intend to occupy as much of your daily attention as possible and ask for reason when you try to break things off them. We explore some other easy ways in which a social media profile is like a crazy girlfriend.

1. They always ask you who you are with, where you are and what you are doing

Both a crazy girlfriend and a social media profile are always very keen on knowing where you are, who you are with and what you are doing.

2. They prefer engagement more than simply being liked

A crazy girlfriend and your social media both would prefer your engagement with them even if you are perfectly ok with liking them for the time being.

3. They never forget a thing

Just like a crazy girlfriend, you social media page stores all your crazy info- from drunk messages to pictures that you thought would be fun to statuses that you posted years ago- both social media and crazy girlfriends never forget a thing!

4. They inflate your ego

A crazy girlfriend showers you with complements day in and day out. A social media profile does pretty much the same thing when it gets your ugly mug to be like by all your friends!

5. They want you to make your relationship public ASAP

You can tell if your girlfriend is crazy if she insists on you visiting her parents or hanging out with her friends in the second week of the relationship itself. Similarly, your social media profile page constantly pressured you to fill in the relationship status column or it tells you that your profile is incomplete.

6. If you spend too much time with them, you are sure to feel overwhelmed

If you don’t already know what this feels like, you’ve probably been living under a rock without a girlfriend for the past 5 years.

7. They will tell everyone what you tell them

You can never be sure that whatever you tell your crazy girlfriend won’t end up in her journal of all things disturbing. In the event that she commits a crime, her insane fantasies may implicate you as an accomplice even if you’re perfectly innocent. In the same way, your social media activities allow your office mates/family tune in to all the crazy things that you thought would be safe on your own profile.

8. They make people “follow” you

A social media profile gives people reason to “follow you”. A crazy girlfriend gets people to follow you because she doesn’t trust you.

9. They seem to hang around even if you break all ties with them

Just like a crazy girlfriend that insisted on being involved in every part of your life, your social media profile will come back to haunt you from beyond the grave in the form of the “Log in with your Facebook/Twitter account” pop up that is needed to do virtually anything on the internet these days.

10. Treating them wrong will cost your dearly

If you have every wronged a crazy girlfriend, we don’t need to tell you how that works out for you. as for wronging a social media site, try imputing the wrong password on the login screen or try to say something even remotely abusive to another social media user and you’d be banned from the site before your own misdeeds even sink in.