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Helping your children get over their fears

The list seems to be endless when it comes to the things that haunt children. Their fears can vary from the major ones to some that seem baseless to elders. Children can be afraid of anything like the darkness, loud ...

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[box_dark]With double pleasure comes double trouble![/box_dark] The bliss of parenthood just gets doubled when there are two little kids instead of just one entering the life of new parents because more is always the merrier. However, raising twins also comes ...

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Kids own social networking site: Kidsocial

'Kidsocial', an all new social networking site designed exclusively for kids, is all set to take kids to a virtual entourage. Developed along the lines of popular social networking giant Facebook, it would allow kids to enjoy interesting features, much si

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Every tween girl should know this

For girls, tweenage is a period of persistent struggle. It is a subtle period when mood changes, stubborn decisions and immature perceptions are frequent. They are often stranded with subjects like popularity, relationships with boys, success, sexuality a

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