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Top five bath time products for your baby

There are different kinds of toys and accessories that can be helpful and attractive during your kid taking a bath. It is more useful for those children who are lazy or do not like to get into a bathtub. Check out some products that could pep-up your kid while he/she takes a good bath.


  • Cuddly bather: Newly born babies are quite scared of water being put on them. There could be a huge cry for you to face in return of putting them in a tub. A cuddly bather can get you some relief while you comfortably bathe your kid. It is a kind of secure environment where babies sit without fear. While they snuggle, you can do your task of rubbing and cleaning them up. There is also an insertion of foam so babies can get extra comfort.
  • Earth-friendly bathing product: This durable plastic product made from renewable plant resources is a smart choice for giving a bath to your baby. It includes a soap holder, hook for hanging clothes to dry, and some accessory corners. Thus, it is quite comfortable to use and to wash your kid on.


  • Floating fun cradle: This bath cradle can be fitted in the sink or bathtub of the baby. There is proper cushioning provided to support the baby. There is also a White Hot Safety Disc that lets you know when the temperature of water is high. Your baby would feel totally relaxed and comfortable while getting bathed on this floating cradle.
  • Smoother skin lotions: Get a fragrance-free mild lotion that would suit the delicate skin of a toddler. It is usually free of paraben and dye. Such kinds of lotions come with a no-tears formula so the baby does not cry when the lotion is put on their face or touches their eyes. You can safely wash your baby’s face with this lotion. These also offer babies smoother skin.
  • Perfectly warm – safety bath duck: This Munchin safety bath duck prevents your baby to be dipped in water that is hot for their skin. This product has a disc on its bottom that indicates when the water is warmer than the required for the kid to be bathed with. In addition, this safety bath duck can be used as a water play product as it has an attractive design for the kid to like and play with it.

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