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Your child’s first dental visit

Dental health is an important part of child health and may often remain unnoticed. However, the fact is that parents need to be vigilant about the dental health of their children right from infancy. Hygiene and care taken during the ...

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Importance of art classes for kids

The next time you little woman or little tyke finger paints the surface of the coffee tables and chairs or creates modern art with your make up and paints the walls with nail polish, refrain from telling them off or ...

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Birthday Party Themes for Your Toddler

A toddler’s birthday is always a special moment for parents. Tiny tots are always the apple of the eyes of their family hence they are treated with extra love and affection. All the parents wish to throw a gala party ...

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Dealing with your naughty child

The definition of the word “naughty” varies from person to person. So the answer to the question “is my child naughty?” can prove to be quite ambiguous. Children belong to the developing stage where they are still in the process ...

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Dealing with kids skin rashes

Taking care of your kid and looking out for its well-being is of course of utmost importance. However, the job is not easy, but is very satisfying, once you get the hand of it. With all the sensitivities of a ...

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Boosting your baby’s learning

You might be enjoying the various things that your baby does from licking toys to kicking in air. The baby enjoys them too. But there is something more to it and that is your baby is learning from all those ...

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