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Tips to keep your teenage daughter away from provocative dressing

Many parents seek help of counselors in order to get one question answered, as to why their teenage daughter finds provocative dressing good and how to keep her away from such dressing. Usually, parents do not have any issues with such dressing of their daughter but sometimes they find it bad because they realize that a provocative dressing of their daughter might make many heads and evil eyes turn on them, which is not a good thing to happen to any girl.

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Parents keep complaining that they do not like when the cheap boys and men look at their daughter with dirty minds, so why do their daughters still go for such sort of dressing. The simple and an outright answer to this question is that daughter can only wear such clothes if their parents allow them to wear. On the other hand, if the parents put their foot down and do not fulfill the demand to buy provocative clothes, the daughters would never ever go against their parent’s decision. All that parents need to do is to make their innocent daughter understand the pros and cons of such dressing.

It is not a fashion that looks good

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Teenage is a tender age, as the mind of a teenager is really innocent and is unable to evaluate and analyze things in their real sense. Therefore, parents are the ones who can make teenagers understand the depth and the reality of a thing with their guidance, which a teenager’s mind cannot perceive on its own. The same goes for the sense of dressing as well. When parents say their teenage daughter opts provocative dressing then it is not the teenage child to blame at all, as her mind is not fully developed and cannot perceive the cons of such dressing.

So it is parents who can stop them from such dressing, after all it is parents who are the earning hands in the family and not your teenage daughter. Even if your daughter gets enough pocket money from you that she can buy dresses for herself. It is parents who first need to understand that this is no fashion and looks pathetic on little teenage girls. It becomes way easier and much more effective when parents who themselves understand this thing stop their teenage daughters from provocative dressing.

Make her understand the difference between vulgarity and decency

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Parents must teach their daughters the very important and critical issue of decent and vulgar dressing. It is a sheer pathetic sight to see teenage girls wearing clothes too tight, and some displaying cleavage and jeans having such a low waist that it reveals butt cheeks even when they bend a little. This not just applies to casual dressing of teenagers today, but also to school dressing, which is actually shameful.

Whatever be the influence but teenager girls today are so damn inclined towards provocative dressing that they do not even want to leave their school dressing out of it. Many school going teenagers today like to have their skirts too short, and their shirts one or two size small so that it fits them tight and shows off their curves well. They follow this vulgar fashion after they see on television or internet, while they also tend to follow such things out of peer pressure. As we earlier said, whatever may be the reason but teenage girls are not supposed to follow such vulgar fashion and it is parents who can stop them from doing so.


Many parents complain that their teenage daughter wears provocative clothes but they hate it. This type of clothing is not suitable for teenagers so parents must do everything to stop their daughters from indulging in provocative dressing.

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