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How to teach your teen to respect the opposite sex

Parenting is a sum total of so many activities that parents do to enrich lives of their children. Parenting tips help parents a lot to deal with their children, and to teach them life lessons. One such parenting tip that is important is teaching teens to treat the opposite sex with respect.

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Today, more than fifty percent of teens are in unhealthy relationships. A major reason behind unhealthy relationships is the lack of respect that teens have for the opposite sex. They just do not know that they should deal the opposite sex with dignity. For a healthy relationship, both the partners must think high of each other and love automatically comes in. Respect, understanding, patience, and honesty are the essential ingredients of a true and a healthy relationship.

A relationship lacks respect if the partners, especially teens, consider the opposite sex to be just a commodity and a means of entertainment. They are more like friends with benefits, which is a hot trend in some groups, but not at all a healthy practice. Teens are not to blame, as they were never explained this part.

They happened to see such a relationship on TV or saw their friends doing something like this, and they started doing the same. Therefore, increasingly dominated by every kind of media, it is all the more important for parents to teach their teens that opposite sex is not just there to satiate their physical needs, but they are supposed to respect the opposite sex and treat them with dignity.

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Teach girls

Girls should know that boys are enthused by sight and touch, so they should learn to set physical boundaries whenever they are in a relationship with a boy. It is a fact that the physical intimacy depends on a girl, as she can manipulate the physical desires of a boy. If a girl refuses, the boy will have to relent. It is fair to say that a woman can control a situation in a relationship that involves a man’s passion.

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Teach boys

Parents must set behavioral boundaries for their teenage boys and should teach them good moral standards. They should know that they cannot take girl out on a date with just one motive, to satiate physical need. Parents must teach their teenage sons that in case they indulge in sexual activities with a girl, they will have to support her emotional and other needs as well. Your son also needs to know the difference between his and a girl’s sexual stimulation. As sight and touch stimulates men, the kindness, love, and behaviour of a boy stimulate girls.

Sometimes a girl shows affection and cuddles a boy. In such a situation, a boy should not get the wrong idea. It is because she misses affection that her father should have had towards her. So, teenage boys must realize that the affection is not always a girl’s sexual desire but probably she is trying to make up for the care and affection that she never got from her father.

Not to miss, parents must teach their teenage son to treat girls with utmost dignity. There are etiquettes and courtesies that boys need to learn that come handy when they are with the opposite sex.

By following these simple tips, parents can teach their teenage children that how good and important it is to treat the opposite sex with absolute respect and dignity. While true for relationships, this holds great relevance for general behavior and life as well.

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