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Exam fever: Tips for parents to follow

With just the name of the word exam, people go into stress and a fear of studies. It happens with children during their exam fever, and on that time, their most important stress busters are their parents. Emotionally and mentally, ...

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Tips to involve parents in school activities

It has been proved that kids perform better in school when parents are involved in their education. Besides, they are better behaved, grow up more successful and also have positive attitudes towards their school. Right from improved grades to better ...

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The positives and negatives of helicopter parenting

The term helicopter parenting refers to parents who indulge in the habit of over-parenting. These parents are generally accused of being too obsessed with their child’s safety, extracurricular activities, education and other aspects governing their child’s life. This term came ...

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Tough love parenting, a proven approach for kids

With lives becoming complicated and the world being modernized with advanced technologies and lifestyles, parenting has become an important part of a child’s growth. This aspect is critical and plays a major role in the development of your child, which ...

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Important tips on healthy co-parenting

Guidelines or tips on healthy and successful co-parenting are an effective way that would enable you to raise your kids in harmony.  You need to explore many important aspects of parenting with your ex.  Although the experiences pertaining to co-parenting ...

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Understanding the radical ways of parenting

Parenting is not an easy job by any means; rather it is a tough job that is being performed by 150 million parents across the US presently.  However, the tough question or challenge faced by parents is “how can you ...

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