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Understanding different facets of parenting

Becoming a parent is amongst the most rewarding experiences that you can ask for during your entire lifetime. However bringing your little one in this world is not the end. With it comes several responsibilities and problems concerning with their ...

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How to parent children with ADHD

Children with ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder tend to have immense energy, and that is why their attention is scattered and they are unable to focus.  Parents go through a very unusual behaviour of their child during various phases ...

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Understanding manifold rewards of parenting

Parenthood has its advantages and disadvantages. While parents would have to forgo their personal ‘us’ time in order to spend time with their baby, they would find plenty of rewards waiting for them in the long run. If you have ...

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Managing online kids

Presently, online activities are on the rise and internet is preferred for most of the purposes ranging from information gathering and networking to online shopping. While parents are found using these services quite often, the children also realize the importance ...

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Parenting mistakes a parent must avoid

The sleeping pattern of a newborn is very delicate and a slightest change can actually destroy it. As a newborn baby grows old the sleeping pattern changes, so it is very good for the parents to keep an eye on ...

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