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Dealing with head lice infestation in children

Many parents fear the name head lice, let alone its infestation. They are crawling, wingless insects that live on scalp, and parents fear their infestation in their kids. Their presence is really embarrassing and uncomfortable but they do not cause ...

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Ways of enriching your parenting skills

As parents it is your prime responsibility in raising your infant in the most appropriate way. Teaching them the difference between bad and good and ensuring that they live in the abode always. Parenting skills and techniques are likely to ...

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Understanding different facets of parenting

Becoming a parent is amongst the most rewarding experiences that you can ask for during your entire lifetime. However bringing your little one in this world is not the end. With it comes several responsibilities and problems concerning with their ...

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Role of teachers in guiding children of single parents

Every child coming from single parent/broken home is truly unique. These children are at higher risk of problems like poorer school performance, lower self-esteem, depression and aggression. Schools play a pivotal role to help such children in making positive change ...

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