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How to raise a compassionate child

Raising a compassionate child

Compassion is the cornerstone of character for any individual. It is a virtue and a valuable asset that has to be ingrained in the heart of every child because the child is “father of man”. Compassion manifests itself as both sympathy and empathy and is the sacred essence of love. Altruism, by itself, is nothing but a broader dimension of compassion.

A child is but a bundle of joy which bubbles its love by loving and giving, sharing and caring. It is the moral responsibility of every parent to inculcate high principles and values into every child and compassion is the foremost of them. A touch, a glance, a word or even a look of askance, full of love – makes a world of difference!

So let’s look at some tips that could help us to raise our child in a compassionate way.

1. Say it sweetly

“A child is but a mirror image of its parents.” So, speak softly and politely to your child. Your child will follow suit. A loud voice sounds like a command; a soft tone conveys a request. Even if you have to negate or refuse, do it sweetly. Your child will, then, understand the power of speech

2. Go gentle

In today’s harsh world, gentleness is the only soothing balm to the hurts of our heart and the sighs of our souls. What’s gentler than a child? A child is the very embodiment of gentleness. Let’s not waive away this virtue from children. So, what you need to do is handle your child gingerly. Listen patiently to their babble and chatter, and then respond politely. Let even your touch and glance ooze out gallons of gentleness. Be kind in trying one and all, and your child will copy you. Children, by nature, love animals. Your kindness towards pets pulls your child towards you.

3. Route out rudeness; please be polite

“It’s nice to be important, but it is more important to be nice”- goes the saying. Right from the start, caution and counsel your child against being rude. Teach your child to be nice in manners, courtesy and respect. Educate and enforce early acts of courtesy and helpfulness in children

4. Mind your manners

Manners make a man. Emphasize the value of manners to your child. Teach your child the “Ps” and “Qs”. The humble beginnings of hospitality are in your hands. Let your child learn how to make guests feel at home. Support your child and teach it to be sociable rightly. Treat your child with respect and your child will accord the same to you and others. Demonstrate by your actions that every human being, big or small in stature, deserves the same amount of respect. Embed the seeds of social etiquette in your child like standing in a queue, waiting for your turn, avoiding loud talk, offering the chair to elders, etc.

5. Give a helping hand

Helping is in the heart of humanity. The very essence of social behavior is helping. Let your child learn the heavenly feeling felt by helping. The way you act or react in circumstances in helping those around you, makes your child imbibe the goodness of helping. Educate early, to be caring and helpful to the elderly and the infirm. Alleviate pain of those around you. Your child will be definitely inspired to be compassionate. Teach your child, the importance of timely help.

“An extra pair of hands to help is, like an army to assist”. Make your child feel the goodness of helping by involving him or her in your family chores and importantly, thanking them for it.

6. The joy of giving

Every child knows to share and care. All you need to do is to fan the fire of benevolence in them. “Charity begins at home”. Set an example of charity to your child by helping the needy around you. Advise on the importance of giving away the extra or surplus items to the needy around you.

7. Be an example to emulate

Showcase yourself as the prime example for your child to emulate. Avoid bad language, gossip and trash-talk. Explain the pain these hurtful actions can cause a person and ask your children to avoid them. Illustrate the consequences of hurting others. Your child will be forewarned not to be impolite, hurtful or violent. Emphasize the importance and dignity of self-respect. You child will automatically mould itself into a kind one.

Your child is a treasure God gave you to keep. Now, what you need to do is sow the seeds of mercy in it, too deep!

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