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Conceiving for a mother is mixture of so many feelings, as in she feels joyous, proud, and tensed. It is a phase that brings a lot of happiness into a woman’s life along with so many worries and restrictions. Worries are more if it is for the first time that a woman has got pregnant, and restrictions pertaining to diet, physical activity and all remain the same whether it is the first or second time. The first trimester for a would be mother is a bit tough but she needs to grab as much information as she can, so that she can make herself comfortable and adjustable to all the changes taking place in her body. She should consult doctors, family members, friends, and yes she should read a lot about everything related to the pregnancy cycle. She should be well aware regarding her diet, exercise routine, sleep pattern, and dressing pattern.

Find out all the ways to reduce morning sickness, do prenatal yoga to benefit yourself and the baby inside. Partner of a pregnant woman also has a great role to perform, so they should also do some research on how to support their wife the best in this crucial period.

When is too late to send birth announcements?

I have given birth to my first baby 4 months ago. That time I was overwhelmed w/ post-partum anxiety/depression and never sent birth announcements. My husband informs most of our relatives by call. I have seen many people send birth announcements cards to

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How to have a baby girl?

I have 3 year old son and now I want to conceive a girl. So I am here to ask you people that what are the best ways and the biological requirements for conceiving a girl. In short I want to know that how to have a baby girl? What are the ways of your choi

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Unplanned pregnancy, choices you have

Unplanned pregnancy can leave you baffled and confound you amidst darkness of thoughts. Before you proceed with any decision related to your pregnancy, make sure that you have given enough time to yourself to review it.The first thing you must to do is to

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Buckle up: Seat belt safety during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very critical period and one should ensure the safety of both mother and the child. According to the law, it is advisable to wear your seat belt every time you are in your car. Pregnancy does not give the privilege to be exempted from this

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Why my effaced stooped after 70%, what should I do?

With my 1st week I was completely effaced and 2 to 5 cm dilated for 4 weeks. With my 2nd I was put on modified bed rest starting at 34 1/2 weeks for effacement and dilation. But till now there is no efface. So I can say that I got 70 % effaced then it s

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Giving 'home births': A rising trend?

Giving home birth was prevalent years ago. Gradually, women preferred hospitals for the delivery. However, with a wide exposure to the mechanisms of childbirth and availability of trained mid-wives, the scenario has changed now. Modern women feel confiden

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