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Parenting is a long process that starts with the child’s infancy to its adulthood wherein parents support physical, mental, emotional, and intellectual needs of their children and give them a suitable environment for growth and development. Parents are the biggest idols for their children and they tend to model them.


This is why it is said that both, good and bad behavior, in children comes from their parents. Parenting is a very crucial task to perform because it is such a big responsibility wherein the parents are supposed to design the entire behavior of their children. Starting from the time when the kids start speaking, parents teach them their language, and eating etiquettes. When the child is a little grown up, parents start teaching them overall discipline and teaches them things that make them smarter. Though, all these things are not that easy for all the parents. Sometimes children are too rigid to deal with and they ask such questions, which are quite difficult for the parents to answer. Therefore, it is essential for the parents to take tips as to which parenting style they must adopt and to cope with their parenting fears.

5 Ways that can transform you into a great dad

transform you into a great dad

You might have experienced or probably heard about the pre-baby fear. It is basically a feeling that dreads both males and females who feel threatened by parenthood. Such pre-baby fears prevent men from becoming great dads. However, those who overcome ...

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How parents can help their bullied children

Parents needs to address the issues of the children especially bullying in a careful manner. You have to ease out the situation and not make it worse for the child. Follow a stepwise approach as discussed here can be helpful.

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