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NailSnail baby nail trimmer is the one stop solution for baby nail care

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Children have a tendency to put their hands into anything they find; this is why it is essential to ensure that their hygiene is top priority. About babies, it is a known fact that they tend to put their hands into their mouth, which makes them prone to disease and infection. Due to their age, they develop very fast and every part of their body including their nails grow.

When it comes to nail care, you must ensure that you use the right nail trimmer, so that your babies do not hurt themselves or carry germs into their body. Considering that there are so many nail care solutions in the market, it is important that you make the right choice when choosing a nail care trimmer for your little one. One such trimmer that is available in the market is called the NailSnail 3 in 1 baby trimmer tool. Let us have a look at why this nail care trimmer is ideal for you little one.

A design that takes care of all your needs

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The design of the nail care trimmer plays a vital role especially while you are handling a child and cutting their nails. Well, the NailSnail has an extremely sleek design, which makes nail cutting a piece of cake. You can even see what you are doing, thanks to the V shape of the blades. Unlike other nail-cutters, you do not have to worry about cutting too deep, which can hurt the baby. Which resolves all your fussing, fretting or pinching while cutting the nails.

The beautiful snail shape outer body helps to hold the nail trimmer easily while you are handling your child. It comes with a plastic and rubber handle that is designed keeping children in mind. This nail trimmer is ideal for children who are aged between 0-5 years. Another good thing about the design is that you do not have to worry about cutting in straight lines; instead, you have the benefit of following the nail’s natural curve and cutting it accordingly.

It is not just the fingers

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Another good fact about the NailSnail baby trimmer is that it is not just for the hands but you can also use it for the feet. You can be sure that with this nail trimmer your baby will have a painless and safe nail cutting experience. It helps in ensuring that the job is done quickly, cleanly and easily. This is all possible with the precision trimmer that provides a snag free and smooth nail cutting.

Safety is priority

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As parents, we consider the safety of our children as top priority. This is why the NailSnail is the right choice for you. The design of this nail trimmer is not just safe for kids but can also prevent chocking. Along with that, you do not have to worry about the surrounding skin while cutting the nail since there is a built-in safety guard protection. To help you get the maximum control while using this nail cutter, the body consists of an ergonomic rubber that provides you a better grip. For under nail care, you have a special painted tail that is easy on the skin and still serves the purpose of cleaning under the nails. This will help to take out any dirt or debris present underneath which can be the cause for any kind of infection or spreading of germs.

Some other features of the NailSnail

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The cute shape of the body design is appealing to look, moreover, it also consists of no moving parts that can be noisy or needs batteries to run. For cleaning the nail trimmer, you can either use warm water and soap or just put it in the dishwater itself. To smoothen the rough edges, there is built in nail file that is located underneath so that your little one does not get hurt. The stainless steel material used for the parts is a medical graded one, which is of the best quality. With so many features and benefits added to it, you can care for your little one in the most efficient manner. The best part is that this nail trimmer is economically priced at $19.95.

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