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Men abandoning their briefcases for diaper changing!

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Recent article on fathers as primary caregivers postulates that there is a growing trend of fathers putting their feet into the shoes of a mother’s role.

According to the US Census Bureau, there are 159,000 stay-at-home fathers currently in the United States, a more than three-fold increase from 1996 when they numbered 49,000.

There is even an annual convention for stay-at-home dads where they exchange ideas, recipes and tips on child rearing and how best to cope with the initial sense of alienation and loneliness that comes with the job.

The fad is mounting rapidly it seems that the present generation of fathers is ready to take on more domestic role.

Experts attribute the increase in the number of men who abandon the briefcase and high-powered business lunch for diaper changing, homework and housework to the fact that many women in the workforce today are earning more than their male partners.

On asking about their experience, ‘Mr. Mom’ said apart from the gratification they get from spending time with their children, their new role, has also prompted them to have a newfound admiration for women.



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