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Learn to Protect the Baby Skin in Winter

Winter is a very harsh time for the skin of an adult but for the baby it is more serious. Baby skin is very sensitive, it is thinner, has less oil production, melanin is also less and thus you need to take extra care of the baby if you live in a cold environment. Winter weather causes itching and the baby’s skin to dry out. The moisture gets disappeared with ease from their soft skin. Cold wind can make the skin devoid of its moisture and elasticity. A few things can be done to prevent this from happening.

1. Diaper Rash:

Diaper Rash

Most babies are prone to the diaper rash and in case if no treatment is given then the baby can suffer badly. As the onset of winter begins, the chances of baby getting diaper rash increase. Diaper rash is caused due to the friction of the diaper with the body, moisture inside the diaper and the other irritants. In winter, you wrap up the baby in layers of clothes just like an onion and that creates that perfect moisture for the diaper rash.


As soon as the first signs of diaper rash are spotted, be quick to react. Use the ointment like Triple Paste which contains zinc oxide, when changing the diapers, after the bath and before going to bed. Try to let the baby sleep without the diaper and apply the baby powders containing corn starch as they absorb the liquid and keep the skin drier. Some people also recommend to put the baking soda in warm water and then keep the baby in it to soothe the rash and then apply the diaper rash creams and put a little powder.


The first and the foremost thing needs to be taken care of is that the baby should not be overdressed as this will just create moisture and worsen his condition. The diaper should be changed frequently and the baby’s buttocks should be exposed to air for some time at regular intervals. Wash the baby with warm water and avoid using hot water. Lastly, don’t use vaseline or other jellies as they just retain the moisture in the skin. If the situation does not seem to improve, then consult a speialist immediately.

2. Heat Rashes:

Heat Rash

Though it may seem to be surprising but the babies can get heat rashes even in winter. This happens when the baby is dressed in the layer of clothes or is in an area where the air circulation is very less. This causes the baby to sweat too much, which results in clogging of the skin pores and thus the sweat is unable to come out, which ultimately results in the formation of heat rashes.


First of all, remove few of his clothes or loosen them to let him cool off. After that let the sweat air dry and avoid rubbing him with the towel. If it is hot in the room, then use the fan or an air conditioner but keep it at some distance from the baby so that he just feels the breeze and does not chill. You can also bathe him in the lukewarm water with baking soda.


Dress the baby comfortably in the loose fit and light clothes especially the cotton clothes as they help the baby to sweat more effectively. Apply the cornstarch powder as it helps to prevent the rashes but don’t ever use talcum powder. Also, avoid the plastic pants and diapers and the synthetic clothes. See to it that the baby takes a lot of fluids so as to prevent the dehydration. Using the sunscreen (for babies) is also recommended.

3. Rough Skin:

Rough Skin

In winter, due to less humidity in air the skin becomes a lot drier as moisture is lost in the air. As a result of the less moisture in skin cells, they become delicate and thus develop the cracks and splits and so the skin becomes rough. The lips become most affected as they are mucous membranes and have thin layers of skin.


Apply the baby lotion on the affected areas of the skin but see to it the lotions used are of unscented type. In order to hold moisture, use the lotion straight after the baby is bathed. Use the baby oil very often. Leave some breast milk on the baby lips as it has the anti bacterial tendency and some healing properties.


It is important to know that adult skin is different from that of the skin of a baby so use the products exclusive for babies. Don’t bath babies daily as it will lead to removal of natural oils from their bodies.

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