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Sponsored Video : Kajol joins Lifebuoy’s Help A Child Reach 5 initiative

She is known around the globe as a Bollywood darling, India’s sweetheart and the actress that we just can’t get enough of but Kajol Devgan admit that the role of being a doting mom-of-two is the one that she loves the most. As a mother, Kajol knows the value of inculcating healthy habits in kids and the actor has now decided to join forces with Lifebuoy to ensure that many more kids around the globe learn healthy habits.

Kajol has decided to lend her star power to the international soap brand’s ‘Help A Child Reach 5’ initiative that encourages people living in poor sanitary conditions to learn to wash hands and prevent underprivileged children from dying from easily preventable diseases like diarrhea.


The actor has been actively involved in the campaign and has attended in a number of public events to help spread the message to the masses. Through a public service video released by the campaign, Kajol shared her views on how a disease like diarrhea seems like no big deal to a city mother like herself but the same disease claims the lives of more than 2 million children under the age of 5 each year.

In the video, Kajol expresses her genuine happiness at how the campaign’s poster boy Gondappa was able to see his first child survive past the age of 5 thanks to the hand washing campaign and urges people to watch his amazing story through the campaign’s YouTube channel, to share the story and to donate to the campaign if they wish to contribute to the cause. Lifebuoy has pledged that they would match any donations made to the cause and will also donate a rupee to the campaign for every share the video receives online.

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