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Is it okay for parents to have genetically engineered babies?

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Genetically Modified Babies

Science and technology have crossed many barriers and reached new heights in the past few years. The field of science that has developed majorly in these years is genetics. The power of genetic technology has increased many folds and a lot has become possible because of the same.


One very strange development that is possible is the modification of babies in the womb of the mother. It has now become possible for the parents to choose the features of their offspring such as make them tall or well-muscled and other such desirable traits. This technology upgrade does have a major advantage because using it the parents can avoid their offspring from being prone to any kind of diseases or ailments.

But the question is that while the change is good and can let parents protect their babies from diseases and can give them better features but since it is an artificial process, chances are that the child might suffer from some kind of genetic ailment in the future which is also a possibility that should be considered.

In the recent past humans have very effectively been able to modify animals & crops for yielding good output from them but genetically modifying babies is obviously a lot more different and a complicated process at the same time. Also, if any failure used to occur in modifying the crops and animals, they would be discarded but the major problem here is that obviously the same process cannot be applied to babies.


There have been various arguments suggesting that the process be banned in many countries because of the uncertainties attached to it which is fair enough because it is not at all safe to try this thing on a baby, at the same time the results of such trial are not certain at all. But there were many arguments defending the above one. Some scientists feel that it should not be banned only on the basis of uncertainty as they feel that reproduction also is a very uncertain process and thus it is not a basis to ban the Genetic modification of babies.

Another theory regarding the topic explains the term mitochondrial transfer. The theory is that Most of the DNA lies within the nucleus of a cell but a portion of it also lies in Mitochondria which are also known as the energy factory of the cell. The DNA which is located here is transferred into the babies and they might catch some kind of disease if the mother has some disorders.

The theory of Genetic modification thus has got some people who have approved it while other scientists fail to understand its need and they don’t think it should be tried because of the uncertainties attached to it. There is although still doubts as to whether this practice will be banned in some countries like U.S.A

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