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Help your kids know their limitations to be in charge

It is important to make some rules for kids so that they do not get into a power struggle with you. Parents always find it difficult to employ family rules when they do not train their kids to listen to them from an early age. Parenting is certainly the toughest job of the world but if you make rules and stick to them, it can be fun at times.

Teach, train and set limits

set limits

Parents play an important role in the lives of their kids especially to inculcate good manners and the habit to live by rules and values in life. When you give in to the demands of your kids and break rules for them, you actually train them to be more stubborn. It conveys a message that they can get what they want, they only need to push it harder.

Those parents who always try to be friends with their kids forget that their kids need parents to teach and train them not friends. At the same time, you cannot deny the fact that to set rules and to make them understand you have to be a little friendly with them but make sure it does not motivate their negative behavior patterns. Make family rules and set limitations at an early age since the strategy may not work a few years later.

Set limits to ensure safety and security

Little screaming son and his annoyed young father

Kids may find it hard to adjust in the beginning but you cannot deny the fact that limitations ensure safety and security of your kids. It is a way to guide your kids and teach them self-discipline. Kids learn to be more responsible with time when they have instructions to follow.

When you set limitations for your kids, make sure that they follow a healthy routine and follow safety measures. Rules like no TV after eight in the evening or certain rules for night outs convey the message that you care for them. To your amazement, limitations also help your kids cope with uncomfortable feelings like loss and failure.

Set valuable limits

Set valuable limits

You can talk about some of the basic rules, as everything else is situational. Safety and security of your kids come first. You must make sure that your kids learn to respect others regardless of anything else.

Tell them that it is bad to interrupt elders when they are talking about something important. Limitations that help your kids get a good night sleep or keep them focused in life should be on top of the list.

Set limitations wisely

Set limitations wisely

Empathy can help you set limitations that are needed and to take unnecessary rules out of your list. You cannot employ rules and regulations that restrict the required freedom. At the same time, you cannot afford to give in to the demands or depend upon the situation to make an exception.

Kids must get the message that you are on their team. Do not overdo things as setting the limits serve the purpose. Make your kids understand that these limitations ensure their success and happiness in life.

Chose the best of permissive and authoritarian parenting

authoritarian parenting

You may come across situations when kids rebel back or challenge your authority. In one such situation, losing your cool can take things in an altogether different direction. Tell your kids to have a time out. It helps them analyze the situation again, sit in a corner with them and discuss your reasons in a mild tone.

Do not get into an argument with your kids as it conveys the message that they can try to amend the rules. They must have a clear understanding that nothing or no one can change your rules. You can clarify your reasons but your certainly do not own an explanation.

Over explaining your reasons may be ineffective as kids start taking you for granted. Setting limitations for kids is as important as teaching them how to walk in a busy traffic. It is good to have a discussion time to explain things but be strict when it comes to limitations.

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