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Freaky one-eyed kid car By Elmer Presslee


Usually when parents look out for a car for their child, it is something cute, comfy and really adorable. But the one that I see here is absolutely contrary to the usual notion. Maneuvered by a freaking adventurous dad Bill Robins from Salt Lake City, this one is a gore-faced, one eyed, snaggle-toothed avatar of the otherwise pleasant Little Tykes car.

The best pat is that even the kid seems to have inherited his dads adventure loving genes, at least the smile on his face while sitting in the weird car shows that.

Made with loads of polymer clay, cured with a heat gun and plastic, the car has Cyclops eye that moves around thanks to the battery operating it.

If it has tickled you in the right spots and you are all eager to let your child drive that one-eyed monster, you can get the dope here.

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