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Four everyday toxic substances that parents should be aware of

Toxic substances can vary from manmade chemicals such as pesticides or flame-retardants to naturally occurring toxins such as bacteria and arsenic. We cannot help yet come into contact everyday with a variety of toxic chemicals in our day-to-day lives. Toxins can pose different hazards resting on how we generally come into touch with these, the amount that enters our body and for how often and how long this occurs.


It is indeed a sad reality that toxic chemicals today have turned commonplace. In fact, toxic chemicals are found in plenty in our environment, the everyday consumer products and also the food and beverages that we consume. The bad news however is as long as we eat, drink and breathe we are being exposed constantly to such toxic substances. Although the presence of toxic substances in our daily products galore, but below are four vital ones that parents should be aware of.


  • The number of various chemical types that been approved for use in commercial purposes in the United States had touched 84,000. The category of these chemicals, most of which is derived from the fossil fuels, usually are contained in our plastics, fabrics, pharmaceuticals, beverages, food, household cleaners, dyes, paints, inks, cosmetics and electronics and much more. In short, the huge bulk of everything within our midst.


  • The quantity of pounds with respect to pesticides utilized every year in the United States touched almost 5.1 million. Pesticides since ages are known for being toxic and are harmful for the body. It is toxic to our nervous system, disrupts hormones, causes cancer and in case of children also causes brain damage. Irrespective of this, every year we pour over 5.1 billion pound of such chemicals on our food and eatable supply and yet, majority of us cannot even afford in consuming 100% organic produce.


  • The level of pollutants indoor to outdoor is 2-5 times higher in the United States. The average American generally spend about 90% of time indoors indicating that the levels of pollutants indoor is likely to be 2-5 times higher and over 100 times occasionally.


  • The quantity of synthetic chemicals which the average American generally get exposed to everyday due to their personal beauty care products touched 126. As per environmental groups it has been proved that average adults use approximately 9 personal beauty care products daily—sunscreen, deodorant, creams, soaps, toothpaste and the like which comprises of various chemical ingredients, most of which is associated to cancer.


Not just pollution that pours from smokestacks, clogging waterways or oozing from landfills, the hazardous toxic chemicals are found in most of our everyday products. These can be present in our canned goods, our couches or in our cars. Here are some of the toxic chemicals that parents must be aware of.

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