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Family income and a healthy environment present a tangible effect on development

No doubt, along with being good providers to their families parents must make enough time for their kids. They must try hard to turn them into good human beings along with making efforts to help them be on their own. It is true that parents nowadays are so busy making money to provide all facilities to their kids that they have almost forgotten that they are also responsible for the spiritual, mental and emotional growth of their kids.

Stable family income is necessary

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It is not difficult to understand that the expense of education has increased at a rapid speed. Research says that middle class families spend a quarter of their total income to provide good education to their kids.

Parents spend a lot on some other necessities of kids. Moreover, the ever-increasing expense of professional education has made it even more difficult for parents to provide them a secure future. Kids not only need good education but also a socioeconomic status that can help them realize their dreams.

Family income provides emotional and financial strength

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Kids may try hard not to let their socioeconomic status affect their emotional well-being but there are things that are beyond human capabilities. The family environment, the relationships between members and financial status are a few of many things that have a great influence on the mental and physical well being of the kids.

If a family finds it hard to manage the expense of everyday needs kids may develop a poor self-image that can eventually turn into an inferiority complex. Most of such kids are at a high risk of getting involved in antisocial activities, develop acute stress and find it hard to focus on studies. Chronic anxiety attacks, rule breaking and disrespect for their elders are common among kids who witness their parents struggling to make ends meet.

Extreme richness can turn kids into spoilt brats

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Research says that the fact that they have all the facilities and a secure future may take your kids in a wrong direction. Psychologists believe that it is important to teach your kids the value of money and hard work so that they can channel their energy in the right direction.

Those parents who shower their love on their kids fail to acknowledge the fact that excess of anything is bad. Such kids usually turn out to be disrespectful to their parents and society. They consider it their prime right to break rules and get indulge in bad company.

Apart from the other factors, you cannot deny the role of parents here. They must not forget that their job is much more than handing over a credit card to their kids.

It is a collective effort

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Both parents are equally responsible for providing a healthy environment to their kids. It may hard at times but both partners should respect each other come what may. In families where the earning gap is the big issue between couples, the mental and physical growth of kids is always at stake. Remember kids observe every little thing. All good and bad experiences contribute in shaping their future.

Boost your kids’ morale           

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A stable source of income of family enables your kids to follow their dreams. However, It is important to teach your kids the value of gratitude and values. Tell them that they must value their relationships and strengthen the family bond.

The value and manner you inculcate in your kids not only make them successful but also good human beings. Tell them that everything has its own importance in life. They cannot buy love and emotions with money. Values are much more important a big pile of money.

It is important to fulfill the necessities of kids so that they can focus on their studies and give their best. Along with a stable family income, the love and support of parents takes them a long way in life.

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